Energy Report©-January 30th, 2016

Dear Beautiful Souls! We had a full blown light body activation shift come in last night. This reving up all the Chakras; from the root to the crown! You may have felt tingling in the base of your spine with kundalini rising, to a floaty, dizziness up to your crown. Today is a detox day … Continue reading Energy Report©-January 30th, 2016

When You Become FEARLESS, You Become LIMITLESS!

~Set Yourself Free~ By: Tiffany Stiles ~LIMITLESS~ Once you become FEARLESS, you become LIMITLESS! The only limits that hold you from progressing forward are the ones you have placed upon yourself;  from childhood programming of parents, school, and society as a whole. You have been programmed how to behave, what you can and cannot say, … Continue reading When You Become FEARLESS, You Become LIMITLESS!