Full Moon In Virgo~February 22nd, 2016

  Full Moon Energy Shifts During the full moon we often experience what I refer to as an "energy shift". Please note that we usually feel the full moon energy three days before and three days after, as well as the actual day of the Full Moon. A full moon energy shift we typically experience … Continue reading Full Moon In Virgo~February 22nd, 2016

Energy Report©-December 24th, 2015

Dear Beautiful Souls! The Energy Of Today Revolves Around The Date. '8' SOURCE The number ‘8’ serves to teach us… that each and everyone of us has the power and free will to be the SOURCE of that which we wish to create in our lives. The number ‘8’ provides us with a conscious opportunity … Continue reading Energy Report©-December 24th, 2015

~Blessings With The Full Moon Of December 25th, 2015~

~December 25th 11:11am Full Moon Blessings ~ Welcome to this special video on the Christmas Full Moon on December 25. By: Tania Gabrielle https://youtu.be/ig6Bn_Dk_24 For so many reasons, this final full moon of 2015 will shift you to the core and gift you with riches and rewards. The potential for blessings is exponential! Here are … Continue reading ~Blessings With The Full Moon Of December 25th, 2015~

~Celebrating Winter Solstice~

~HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE~ Sunlight on Earth, on the day of the winter solstice. The north polar region of Earth is in 24-hour darkness, while the south polar region is in 24-hour daylight. Gif via Wikimedia Commons. December solstice 2015 is coming on December 21 or 22 (depends on your timezone). Celebration time! Late dawn. Early … Continue reading ~Celebrating Winter Solstice~

~Full Moon & New Moon Blessings December 2015~

  A magical ceremony to perform your New Moon Ritual To Set Your Intentions to positively manifest your positive future! An Angelic Full Moon Blessing to help you release all that is no longer serving your higher purpose. Full Moon & New Moon Blessings To You! )0( ~Tiffany~  Spiritual Life Coach

~New Moon Blessings~

Every new moon that comes around I use as a checkpoint for my life. The new moon is about starting with an empty clean slate, it is the conception of an idea to become birthed into life with the coming full moon. I do this just like thousands of others have for literally hundreds of … Continue reading ~New Moon Blessings~

~Full Moon Blessings~

~FULL MOON BLESSINGS~ Full moon angel meditation with Archangel Gabriel. BECAUSE OF GABRIEL’S MOON INFLUENCE, YOU CAN USE THE TIME/POWER OF FULL MOON IN VARIOUS WAYS As Ruler of the Moon, Gabriel can help you to draw on the true feminine power of the moon, allowing you to develop your intuition as well as understanding … Continue reading ~Full Moon Blessings~