~Angel Blessings~

Are You Struggling And Need Some Guidance From The Divine? ~RESILIENCE~ RESILIENCE - ANGEL WINGS! Archangel Michael hands you an energetic key. This sacred key unlocks your etheric wings allowing your Heavenly qualities and gifts to bloom. This Sacred energetic key is delivered to you by Archangel Michael and is a powerful blessing of "Winged … Continue reading ~Angel Blessings~

The Holidays-It’s Not All ‘Holly & Jolly’ For Everyone

  For many it is a sad time of remembering loved ones lost. There are more suicides and heart attacks during the Holidays than any other time. If you see someone is down, lend an ear or a hug. It could be the difference between tears and a smile for someone who is deeply sad … Continue reading The Holidays-It’s Not All ‘Holly & Jolly’ For Everyone

~Pyschic Senses~ Archangel Raziel

PSYCHIC SENSES (Archangel Raziel) Tune into your intuitive power. Tune into your ability to perceive, know, and experience with all your senses beyond the realm of the physical, and into the realm of the divine, of angels, and of spirit. Know that all the magic of the universe, of the realms of spirit, and of … Continue reading ~Pyschic Senses~ Archangel Raziel

~*Angelic Hall Of Healing Blessings*~

  To start your day off with Angel Blessings of guidance, love and protection here are some angel meditations to help your vibrational frequency increase to meet the angels in the Angelic Hall of Blessings. Today the angels are making their presence known with Divine Timing and Synchronicities. You will see many signs from the … Continue reading ~*Angelic Hall Of Healing Blessings*~

~Angel Oracle Message ~

~WHICH ANGEL ARE YOU DRAWN TO FOR A MESSAGE? ~ Look at the photo. Which angel catches your eye and you identify with the most? (List your number in the comments section) ~ONE- Peaceful Angel~ If you were drawn to this Angel it means you are drawn to peace and quiet. You value your alone … Continue reading ~Angel Oracle Message ~

~Guardian Angel Oracle~

~Guardian Angel Oracle~   Our Guardian Angels have specific ways of communicating with us and ways in which they make their presence known. Look at the photo and let your intuition guide you to the image that is holding a message for you today from your Guardian Angels. 💗     ~ONE~ If you chose this … Continue reading ~Guardian Angel Oracle~

~Angel Oracle Card Reading~ Choose A Card For A Message From Your Angels by Tiffany Stiles

Look at the photo focusing on my crystal ball. Allow your intuition to guide you to the Angel Oracle Card holding a message for you. Is there an area in your life right now you need assistance on? Let the Angels guide you. 😇 ~ANSWERS~ 1.) ~Spiritual Growth~ You are going through a time of … Continue reading ~Angel Oracle Card Reading~ Choose A Card For A Message From Your Angels by Tiffany Stiles

Archangel Oracle Reading

~ARCHANGEL ORACLE CARD READING~😇 Look at the picture and choose the Archangel you are most drawn to for a special message. When selecting the Archangel let your intuition and inner guidance direct you to the one who is waiting to give you an Angel Message today.   ~ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ~ You are Divinely protected by … Continue reading Archangel Oracle Reading

~Archangel Guidance~

ARCHANGELS OF GOD’S DIVINE LIGHT The Archangels are here to give us guidance, protection, healing and assistance in our daily lives. The angels cannot impose on our free will, so when you need them, you must call upon them in your time of need. The angels don’t have any space/time restrictions, they can be everywhere … Continue reading ~Archangel Guidance~