Being stressed & depressed just makes you digress.
Forget about that mess & instead be thankful & blessed.

Don’t live in the past, or fear your future.
Live for here & now & you won’t feel tortured.

When you feel like you’ve been challenged to your core…feeling as though you take one step forward & two steps back.
Feeling like you cannot get out of the mindset of lack.

Remember that life is a dance with ups & downs.
To appreciate the good and great times we must experience both through this dance each time around.

By changing your mindset from that of lack & despair to one of abundance…
We open up new doors by synchronicities chance, not by lack’s redundance.


As bad as it all may seem, you’re about to pass the test.
So don’t give up now, & instead give it your best.

Think of all your hearts desires
And know your heart is all that’s required.

Your loving heart is your manifestation portal.
And understand, the Universe allows no loopholes.


Just tap into & listen to your intuition…
And just forget about the rest, there are no limitations.

Let it all melt away..
It’s time to look at tomorrow with fresh eyes my Dear One.
It’s a brand new day.

Every choice, or decision you make can either propel you, or derail you, so be mindful.
But you’ll never get anywhere in life by standing still and being careful.

It may feel as though life has got you down.
Just when you think you’re all alone, those who love you will come around.

Have faith & a knowing that it will all work out.
And remember Beautiful One,
Give the haters nothing to talk about.

What others have to say is none of your business.
Just keep on keeping on with your compassionate heart and kindness.

Be still now Dear One & hear your breath.
In the loving arms of the Angels now you are kept.


They give you comfort & peace now with a renewed sense of purpose.
Go big or go home they say, I know you totally got this!

Much love,
Tiffany Stiles 💗


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