We’re just two days away from a momumental shift into a New Year, and a new decade, and to top it off…a 4 Universal Year!


Number 4 relates to Earthly stability, balance and having a solid foundation to build from in all areas of life, but especially at home. If your home has been on your mind lately with regard to renovations, or even moving to a new residence, this is why! The energy is setting you up for a solid entrance into the New Year!

Four represents the four directions; North, South, East and West – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. So this energy, which is already being felt, may be prompting a move in another direction, another state or maybe even another country!

Number 4 also relates to the Divine and the Archangels. So don’t be surprised if you start noticing the number 4, 44 and 444 everywhere as this is the energy of the Angelic Realm that pops into our reality to let us know we are being Divinely Guided on our path.

In light of this, I would like to share a special Oracle Reading with you revolving around; North, South, East or West, and Earth, Water, Fire and Air to give you some clarity if you are struggling with making a life changing decision.


Close your eyes and connect with your breathing. Which direction are you being pulled towards; North, South, East or West? Now CLICK HERE to receive your guidance>

Happy New Year!

Much love, ~Tiffany 💗


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