Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls!

Honor what you are feeling today in whatever capacity it presents. Emotions are running high from one spectrum to the other. The energy to clear stagnation, lineage karma, blockages and emotional trauma supports you today… if you work in unison with the ebb and flow of the energy.

As we approach Solstice and Eclipse energies, all bubbles to the surface to cleanse the Soul’s pallet for a New Year….and a new decade, which in turn will bring you blessings 100 fold by doing the necessary inner work.

With this energy signature there is no grey area; it’s black and white. When it comes to relationships, they will either form and become strong, or dissolve very quickly, it’s all about the energy and being a vibrational frequency match. If already in a relationship, new perceptions are realized that you were blinded to previously, and truths are brought to light. Compassion and empathy are the keys to maintaining a cohesive bond with the ones you love the most.

Pay attention to what triggers you today. This will be your sign of what still needs and requires your attention and self love to heal. Alone time will be a necessity today. If you are able to keep interactions with others to a minimum today, it will be to your benefit.

Bask in nature if you can today, and allow the sun to shine on your face. Be present with the animals in nature and with your furry babies too. This will assist the energy to move through you in a beneficial way.

The solar plexus (stomach) is sensitive today as emotions rise. Plenty of water and clean eating will benefit you with today’s energy. If you have a “to do list” a mile long, today is not the day to tackle it. Today, honor what you are feeling in whatever capacity it presents. Be present with yourself, and allow what flows to organically move with you today. This will allow you to tap into your intuitive nature and where you are being guided in the next decade.

All of this is in preparation for your 2020 Year of Magnificence! Your health, your residence, your career path and your relationships all merge to create a new path and timeline for you to Shine In! All of the hard work you have put in over the last decade begins to create dividends, blessings, abundance and love! Maintain an optimistic outlook and nothing can stand in your way! 2020 is the year it all comes together!

I personally have been prompted to get my home in order; to really create a space that is Feng Shui, harmonious and speaks to my soul. In every communal space I step into I feel elevated, at peace, calm and relaxed. I have painted most every room in my home, and done updates to support Feng Shui and positive energy flow throughout my home. In turn, I have become a home body. My home feels so good I don’t have a need to venture out unless I have to. Everyone who comes into my home comments on the energy, decor and Feng Shui and how great it feels. That was the point of taking all of time, energy and money to create a beautiful space my whole family and friends can INjoy. 💗

Ask yourself:
Where am I being pulled to move?
What career path am I drawn to?
What are the current obstacles in my way?
What relationships are supporting me and nurturing my growth and which are not?
What rooms in my home am I being pulled to redo?
What brings my soul peace and calm?

Now is the time to go through this kind of list and take note of what you ultimately feel is important to your growth and evolution. Then taking the necessary action steps to manifest this reality will be where you want to focus your energy.

I’m so excited to see what 2020 brings! I am always excited to release the old and welcome the new! New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday of all! This is the year magnificent things will take place for so many! The door is open and you are the driving force of your destiny!

IMG_20181109_162129215Much love,
Tiffany 💗
The Mystical Lotus ®

Metaphysical Life Coach




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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Namaste! Your energy reports are wonderful! They are truly appreciated. So many of my students and clients are feeling the intensified vibrational frequencies of these times of transformation (my husband and myself too). Many cosmic energetics are our “dress rehearsal” for opening night of “2020” : Full Moon, Winter Solstice, Solar Eclipse, Jupiter entering Capricorn to join Saturn and Pluto, South Node in Capricorn, etc. Although the holidays are almost here, this is definitely a time to relax more, meditate more, and engage in spiritual and natural nurturing therapies. Much Love, Dr. Schavi M. Ali


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