Look at the image below. Which Angel is calling to you for a message? Allow your intuition to guide you.




1. If you chose number one you are about to emerge victorious from the other side of a very difficult and challenging time in your life. You are being asked to remain optimistic as you move through this transitional period. Have faith that everything will work out in your favor. Know that your Angels are watching over you, and they are working their magic everywhere around you! You will be pulled to new endeavors in the coming year that will require you to be passionate and creative about your work. This is a time of reinventing oneself, and now is the time for you to begin.



2. If you chose number two you are being asked to indulge in more self-care and self-love. You’re burning both ends of the candle and are feeling burnt out. It is imperative that you take time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. It is necessary that you take this time now in order to bring your health back into a healthy and balanced state. Watch what you are eating, and putting in your body as it is calling for healthy nourishment with whole foods with fresh fruits, veggies and a lot of water. Also take note of the beauty products you are using. Try taking a more organic approach to the things that touch your skin.



3. If you chose number three you are being called back to your Star Seed origins. If you haven’t already traced your soul back to your Star Seed origins, you are being asked to delve into this now. Star Seeds incarnate on Earth in human bodies for very specific and special reasons. You are here for a reason and purpose. You have probably felt this all of your life, but didn’t know how to get to the answers. You may have pondered this question many times while looking up at the stars knowing that’s really home. Take note of the things that trigger you on TV, in shows and in movies; particularly SciFi, Ancient Aliens, or other shows of the like. Find out your blood type. Are you RH Negative? If so, this indicates Star Seed lineage: Atlantean, Lemurian, Nephilim, Anunnaki, etc…then begin your research from there. All of your dots will begin connecting and your answers will come.



4. If you chose number four you feel at home by the water. It brings you peace and soothes your soul. You have a special connection with dolphins, whales and all of the creatures of the deep blue sea. You are being called to take sea salt baths to relax your mind, body and spirit at this time. Close your eyes and picture yourself by the water. Feel all your cares and worries being washed away. Feel the balance returning to your energetic state. This may be a sign that it’s time to book your vacation by the water to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit.

Much love,

Tiffany 💗

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