Cosmic Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls!

THE SOLAR WIND IS HERE: A high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, causing intermittent G1-class geomagnetic storms. But…the heaviness from the 1st full Solar Eclipse days back, and rolling into Mercury Retrograde on the 7th is gone!

This is a lighter, more joyous vibe of celebration! There were major Sacral, Root and Solar Chakra clearings that took place over the past week! Whoo! Now, we feel much lighter after allowing what came to the surface to be processed.

This is the type of energy that elicits cleaning up, organizing and cleaning out. Keep your space clean and organized, it helps the energy to move more freely through your space. This is a great day to smudge too, or burn some incense to boost the vibe even higher in your space!

Empaths, this is a most welcomed energy vibe! Enjoy! Today is a good day for collaboration, or socializing!

All the “CLAIRS” are hightened right now! Your intuitive senses will be on point!

Sending much love! 💞
Tiffany Stiles

The Mystical Lotus ®

One thought on “Cosmic Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles ~ The Vibe is High!

  1. O M Gosh! I’m clearing and reorganising last night in Tasmania and continuing today. I’ve been clearing gemstones and new Oracle cards and myself with Sage.. Etc etc Good luck and LOVE to all…


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