Dear Beautiful Souls!


There are strong Geomagnetic Storms brewing as a slow moving CME is moving towards Earth. Energy Sensitives may be experiencing heart flutters as these are Higher Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra activations with plasma bursts. Some more symptoms you may experience is extreme tiredness, or slight headaches. Psychic activity ramps up with these too as the pineal (third eye) is stimulated by this energy.

We’ve had major star particles blowing in the past 2 weeks, and these may have initiated some skin rashes. As the star particles slow down any rashes should dissipate.

We are almost to the Spring Equinox where you can begin anew and embrace any new changes on the horizon!

Stay grounded Beautiful Souls. Grounding assists with this type of energy in bringing a sense of balance back .

Sending much love 💗

Tiffany Stiles ~                        Metaphysical Life Coach



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