A REALLY WEIRD SOLAR ECLIPSE: Earlier today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observed an eclipse of the sun–a strange kind of eclipse that you can only see while orbiting Earth. The black disk of the New Moon passed in front of the sun, reversed course, and did it again!!

During the eclipse, which lasted just over 4 hours, as much as 82% of the sun was covered. Technically, that makes it an annular solar eclipse, not total. At maximum, an annulus or “ring of fire” completely surrounded the Moon. (space weather.com)



Due to the quirkiness in the way this eclipse occurred vs. how others have, it gives the thought to “Pause & Reset” your current situation/path. Just as the eclipse did by stopping, going backwards, then moving forward again, it gives notice to stop and re-check your work, communications and think before you do and say anything that may cause you regret.

As we approach March equinox at Zero Point… this is the perfect time to slow down and re-evaluate your current path. What is truly important to you in your personal life, career and relationships? Now is the time to make changes to correct your course back into Divine alignment moving to the 2nd quarter of the year. Removing any toxic or negative influences, or energy from your life will benefit you in reconnecting with your Divine soul alignment in all areas of your life!


Sending much love,

Tiffany Stiles 💝

Metaphysical Life Coach


Empath Guidance and Empowerment Oracle Cards App!


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Indie-Goes Announcement!

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