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Look at the above image. Pick a number 1-4 while allowing your heart to guide you to the message waiting for you today.

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Fear of Being Hurt Again~

If you are in constant fear of being hurt again, you have closed your heart. A closed heart is your block to finding love, or allowing love in once you’ve met someone you’re compatible with. Your heart chakra radiates a huge electromagnetic field of energy around you. And whether you are aware or not, this field is felt by others’ heart’s electromagnetic field. Your open heart will either create an attraction to you. Or on the contrary, your closed heart will have a repelling affect to those around you, or a potential partner.

Each relationship we have is a teaching tool. They teach us about ourselves as in, what we are willing to accept and not accept. What are our deal breakers? How we deserve to be treated. As a relationship comes to an end, it is time to sit with yourself and see what you have learned from it. You may learn it has taught you not to ignore red flags and follow your intuition. And you may learn many more things that come to light through introspection.

As you learn and grow through each relationship, it is a stepping stone to your best relationship! One that you surely deserve! Do not fear love, keep your heart open and remove this block today. Allow loves door to always remain open.

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#2 Fear of Commitment~

You are blocking yourself due to being afraid to commit. Being afraid to commit may stem from always wondering if something better is out there, and if you commit to one person, you may miss it! My dear one, if you are with someone now who is kind, loving, emotionally supportive, empathetic, respectful and who loves you unconditionally, this is THE ONE! It is time to stopping looking past this, and see what is right in front of you!

Being afraid of commitment may mean to you that you will have to sacrifice your dreams, goals and aspirations. If you meet the right person, they will happily and willingly support all of your dreams, goals and aspirations!

Committing to someone is to say to that person, you are the one I want to spend time with. You are the one who gets me. You are the one I feel comfortable enough with to be myself. This commitment may not last forever, and it may. But the only way you will know is to know that grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s most green where you water and care for it.

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#3 Lacking Self Love~

My dear one, you are love, for you are made with the Divine spark of God. If you feel you are not worthy of love, you are blocking yourself from love.

This may stem from negative programming that others have led you to believe about yourself. Know this is not the truth, and do not define your self worth on what others have said in the past. What others say, is a mere projection of what they feel within themselves, not truly what they feel about you. Now is the time to remove the negative self talk, forgive yourself and others who may have caused you pain, or trauma. Remember the Divine spark of God you were created with, and that this stemmed from unconditional love. Your true soul essence is love and remembering this truth sets you on the path of self love.
Begin by embracing your inner child with a big hug, and giving your inner child support, love and care. Begin setting time aside for yourself to do the things you love. Go and get a massage. Get your hair done. Buy a new outfit. Get a Mani pedi. By investing in yourself, you begin to embrace your self worth. With self worth comes self love. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you suddenly attract a loving, respectful, caring, supportive partner into your life! It all begins with you first! Today is that day.

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#4 Unhealed Past Trauma~

If you are living in the pain of past trauma, it is blocking you from great love.

By living in past trauma, we tend to continually repeat these toxic patterns in our relationships to heal them. When in fact, this never heals the trauma at the root cause, because you are not dealing with the root cause of the trauma. This could be an abusive situation from an ex, a family member, or anyone. Know that you do not have to face a person in person to heal your trauma. It is a matter of you healing it by forgiving the other person because this traumatic experience in your life has given you a massive amount of soul growth and soul evolution, wisdom to carry forth to possibly assist others in healing too by sharing your story. It may sound harsh, but we all signed up for this dance before we got here as it has been said. This is pure truth as we preselect all of our experiences; good and bad before we incarnate here. We choose our families, friends, what careers, where we will live, all before we incarnate here in these physical bodies. Some souls choose families that are toxic and dysfunctional, even abusive to either one, clear karma, two to teach healing to abusers, three to evolve our own souls exponentially in this lifetime to advance in this same lifetime to assist others. When you view trauma from your Higher Self, you see a larger picture involved. You were never meant to stay locked in the confines of trauma, you were only meant to learn, grow and evolve from it. When you choose forgiveness, you open your heart to a new pattern of healthy relationships in your life, for you will no longer need to repeat the trauma to heal it. It is healed. You are healed, and this equals healthy relationships going forward.



Sending much love to you on your continued journey. YOU ARE THE LIGHT! SHINE ON DEAR ONE!

Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach


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