Dear Beautiful Souls!

We went through a bit of a reboot earlier today about 4 hours ago, which knocked us offline for a bit! As alpha and theta waves rolled in a shift in alignment occurred through gamma and delta. You may have actually felt a shift within your inner meridian to higher heart to third eye realignment. Through third eye I saw it glitched offline, rebooted, back online in 1 minute linear. Inner meridian realignment to crystalline grid- online connected through Higher Heart/Higher Self through 8-12 chakras/harmonics. New perceptions come into view now as this was a deep cellular cleanse/reboot on a subatomic particle level!

P O W E R F U L!!! Running Quantum now! Don’t be surprised if you’re up all night FULL of energy! You will be able to go on little sleep tomorrow and function just fine if you resonate with this shift of Higher Consciousness.

Afterwards sleep…for hours to integrate.

All is back online now energizing with 8-12D harmonic frequencies. That was a powerful reboot! Whoo! Higher we go now!

PS.. We still have high star particles blowing in, photonic light emissions, and powerful solar winds amping up geomagetics! Blue Ray, Golden Ray, Silver Ray, Rainbow frequencies converting to visual geometric shapes for higher key codes. 144,000 reveling now! 💗 ⚛️

Much love, Tiffany Stiles 💗🌀💗 –     You are the LIGHT!   ✨                                   Metaphysical Life Coach


4 thoughts on “Energy Shift Update – Reboot to Quantum!

  1. I know these changes are supposed to be positive. Why do I feel so sad? Alone….insecure….I’ve tried so hard to channel the energy to improve ‘me’, but something feels really off. I need help. I’m reaching out because I don’t like this person I am becoming. Sad…isolated….realizing that my life situation revolves around one person and that person is increasingly unavailable. My energy gets dampened. I’m not sure what to do or where to turn.

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    1. Jennifer, these shifts affect us all in unique ways depending on where each is at in their own process. It’s important not to compare your journey with others. Some are just beginning and some are the forerunners, way showers and guides to assist those just beginning. It sounds as if your relationship is the biggest barrier in your life right now that is causing you to feel out of alignment. As you increase in frequency, those who are not longer a match to you will fall away. If this relationship is not bringing you love, mutual respect, emotional support, kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding then it is not nutureing your heart & soul. It is time to make a decision on whether to stay, or leave. In order for new doors to open, we must close the ones that are no longer in alignment to our soul. That’s your true soul essence. Untill you learn to love yourself unconditionally this will repeat in patterns in your life. It’s important to take time for you with much introspection and heal any trauma, guilt, pain, hurts from the past. Forgive yourself and others and move forward. This takes time. Alone. Once you are at a level of unconditionally loving yourself, you now attract an unconditionally loving partner in your life. Sending much love, Tiffany 💗🌀💗


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