Dear Beautiful Souls,

As HUmans we chose to incarnate into 3D for many reasons, one to learn how to MASTER our eMOTIONS. And this is a HUGE ONE! To feel all and experience All Emotions to learn how each has an energetic component that CREATES our reality. Emotions carry light encoded energy within which links up to the old Earth 3D grid, or the New Earth crystalline grid.

Think of an emotion as a broadcasted energy signature of light encoded information carried on the photonic light spectrum that is sent out into the Universe. It is searching for its “Like” frequency to match up to. Like only attracts like. YOU are the transmitter of the emotional frequency. It has no choice but to connect with its like photon, which connects to a holographic matrix program, and all others who play on this program too. You can think of this as a Collective Consciousness in that Reality. Once it connects, you are plugged in. Everything that now comes into your field of awareness is pulled to you like a magnet. You are the transmitter, everything else on that like frequency is the receiver/receptor. Everything that you experience now MIRRORS your vibrational frequency output, and it’s game on! Time to learn YOU created your REALity and become a master over the frequencies you hold and emit. This means taking full responsibility for your Reality knowing that you created it!

Old 3D/4D Grid~ 3D Frequency

If you are angry, you are met with someone cutting you off in traffic. People not holding the door open for you in public. Rudeness. Drama. Duality.

If you are continually sad, you are met with others who are are set in victim mentality. Passive aggresiveness, poor me mentalities.

If you are judgemental, you are met with others who judge you.

If you are competitive, you are met with challenges to overcome.

If you are “acting like” you are caring and compassionate and this is coming from of place of “expectation in return”, you will be met with others taking advantage.

If you fear everything, you will be met with things to be fearful of.

By healing the trauma that has caused these lower vibrational frequency eMOTIONS that permeate your cells, you catapult yourself out of a lower frequency bandwidth to a higher one! You must FEEL to HEAL period. By FEELing each emotion you learn to Master its frequency and how this frequency interacts with your physical body response and your outside world.

If you still have karma to clear, it will play out until the lessons are learned and the karmic timeline collapses.

Each aspect of you in other lifetimes/timelines/parallel universes all must merge into one to create a cohesive reality in a harmonic convergence of love.
For more detail on this Click Here


New Earth Crystalline Grid~ 5D + Higher Frequency

You have healed your trauma. You have taken the time and introspection to go within and do the work necessary to heal, forgive, release, let go. You have re-integrated all fragmented aspects of self. Karma cleared! Your Higher vibrational frequency spin on a cellular level pushes you through 3D to 4Duality to 5D-12D.

Photo Editor-20181125_123326


If you are peaceful, you are met with peace.

If you are happy, you are met with others who are happy.

If you are blissed out, you are met with others who are blissed out.

If you are in traffic, you step into your I AM power (💗) and energetically move traffic out of your way, they all switch lanes and you have a clear pathway, all the lights turn green. It’s as if it feels you coming and says, GO! Lisa says, she pulls out her wings and flies through traffic! Love it!

If you are caring and compassionate not expecting anything in return, by discernment of those you assist, you are met with caring and compassion from others who come into your field and do the same for you.

If you are kind and show others mutual respect, you get back kindness and mutual respect.

If you love yourself and emit the frequency of unconditional love with zero attachment– (void of ego), and carry this vibrational frequency always, you are met with those who love you too in the same manner.

If you hold a frequency of gratitude and giving you are met with abundance.

Why? Because now you are coming from a pure state of love from within and your pure Source LIGHT is now a high vibrational frequency bandwidth broadcaster creating a New REALity on NEW EARTH that you see and play in everyday. You now attract all others on this same like frequency which creates a new collective consciousness! This is how we Co-Create New Earth!

Photo Editor-20181027_221816

You are now held responsible for BEing a frequency keeper/anchor/holder/transmitter of higher frequency Light that is your true soul essence! And you are happy to do so!

Photo Editor-20181116_104233

Emotion is the CATALYST that Co-Creates the Web of Your REALity.

Photo Editor-20181123_170158

By learning to MASTER your eMOTIONS, you learn to CREATE the REALity you wish to see. You can only do that by feeling the vibrational frequency of the eMOTION and your physical body, outside reality response to it.

A thought is energy, the written word is energy, words spoken are energy. Here everything is energy which carries a frequency bandwidth of LIGHT ENCODED INFORMATION, which emits a ~VIBRATION~ that is felt and aligned with on a harmonic convergence of like photons which in turn plugs you in to your REALity. That reality can be 3D or 5D and HIGHer! The choice is yours as a Multi-dimensional BEing. Dimensions hold their own frequency bandwidth, you must match it to see it.

Now, to really absorb this, read it again!

Have you learned to MASTER Your eMOTIONS?


Much love, (YOU are the LIGHT) SHINE ON!!
Tiffany Stiles 💞💗💞

Metaphysical Life Coach




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4 thoughts on “Have You Learned to Master Your eMOTIONS Yet?

  1. Thank you so much for always sharing such knowledge and wisdom with all of us. I love when everything I read feels like I’ve read seen or heard it all before. I’m wanting to go back to school but not sure what to go for. I’m wanting to do some kind of Humanitarian work or what.


  2. Hi Tiffany
    It’s amazing how beautifully you communicate. And my situation is reflected in your article. Today when my mind wanted to think something negative I asked it to drop and move on to positive. Thanks for explaining why that was needed. Namaste from Mumbai India.


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