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Venus Retrograde – Earth/Sun – Taurus Full Moon ~

October – November 2018
Oct 26th Venus combust Sun (from 3.05pm EDT.) Nov 16th Venus stations Direct on Arcturus & Spica.

On Oct. 26th, Venus will pass almost directly between Earth and the Sun. Venus is currently Retrograde and this energy is also very active around this Full Moon due to the factors at play.

The Full “Hunter’s Moon of October 24th is in the sign of Taurus ♉ the Bull.

All listed below on the image are brought forth, specifically relationships, which can take an unexpected turn as the highlight and focus is zeroed in here thanks to Venus!

Now is a great time to ask yourself, “What do I really want in a relationship? What do I deserve in a relationship? “What am I no longer willing to accept in my relationships?” Make a list and put your intentions out there. Then take action steps to make it so.

You may be so inclined to put yourself back out there in the dating world now if you’re single. With this energy signature, don’t be surprised if things heat up quickly with the SEXUALITY aspect of Venus, and things will seem move faster than usual. Venus makes you want to have fun, socialize and connect with others. The ALLURE aspect of Venus passing closely between Earth and the Sun makes connecting with others very easy during this transit. And it makes you very attractive to others looking through the lense of BEAUTY within the beholder’s eye. Communication flows, as well as openness. It feels easy breezy unusually so.

This all may seem a bit “backwards” with Venus being retrograde right now… AND IT IS! That is what makes it so exciting! And with this, you can expect the unexpected in a whole new way you never thought possible! This “backwards energy” will bring those into your energy field that you wouldn’t have gone for in the past… and you’ll be more open to it. If you’ve dated a “certain type” before now, the opposite of that will now be ALLURING to you, with the voice in your head quietly saying, “It’s time to make a healthy, positive change in the types of people I’m allowing into my life.” In addition, those who are your opposite will be attracted to you too. Be open to giving this a chance, and you may very well be pleasantly surprised!

In addition, you will be INSPIRED to CREATE and beautify your surroundings. Art may catch your eye, rearranging furniture, adding new and getting rid of the old to make your space more updated, comfortable and beautiful may be on your mind.

This energy makes you feel in love with love! If you are already in a relationship, this will either bring you closer, or it may cause a wondering eye as those who do not feel Loved and Appreciated in their current relationships may seek it elsewhere. So if you truly love the one you’re with, show them, tell them and let them know how much they are appreciated. Make time for those who are important in your life, and give yourself some self-love and care too!

The Taurus aspect may cause some stubbornness in situations at work, or between relationships that are rocky. These can be resolved with a cool head, an open heart, and with a willingness to see the other person’s side, or point of view. Listening to hear and not respond will go a long way here in resolving differences.

The Venus Energy is so strong now through the end of this month, into November16th when it stations Direct, it will override the other astrological aspects at play.

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Love is in the Air 💞. If your heart is open, you will be sure to catch this vibe! INjoy!


Much love,
Tiffany Stiles 💝
Metaphysical Life Coach



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3 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde-Full Moon in Taurus October 24th- When Backwards is Good!

  1. Tiffany   As always you are wonderful.  Love all your information.   How do I do a aura reading with you?  Thank you  Heidi Strong  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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