Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update~ by Tiffany Stiles

This started last night, and massive clearings continue today. For some it may have started three days ago with the inTENSE SOULar activations that occurred through reverse polarity geomagetics. It was POWERful to say the least! We went from extreme hunger and can’t get enough to eat/ bloating, to zero appetite/release! Sinus pressure and runny nose in the early AM with spontaneous sneezing. Stomach upset- nausea, cramping, bowel release, frequent urination.

Stay hydrated with water/healthy drinks. Recommend keeping foods to a minimum today- no toxins/GMOs, it will exasperate symptoms. No sweets or sugars.

When shifts hit the stomach, (solar plexus) clearings are ocurring- free will/will power/sovereignty to follow. Many times SOULar Plexus chakras clearings are tied to our inner child and past hurts, or where someone in the past that hurt your feelings rise to clear/understand (their perspective)/forgive/release/let go. When this occurs it creates a new open line of quantum understanding/unconditional love.

Quantum smell tied to etherics on the rise as physical nasal cavity clears. Your senses are aligning to the etheric realms through your diamond crystalline light body – others include:

ETHERIC SENSES~ (See below info on the Empath Guidance and Empowerment Oracle Cards to assist you in developing and using these metaphysical gifts and abilities.)

* Sight (pineal/third eye – clairvoyance)

* Smell (clairaroma)

*Feeling/discerning/intuition (clairsentience)

* Taste (clairgustance)

* Hearing (clairaudience)

* New- Knowing without knowing how you know, you just do – (claircognizance) on the rise!

Resting and staying hydrated are key as molecular spin increases withIN! Visualize within a golden triangle upside down and right side up, circle in the center at heart. Spin clockwise/counter clockwise. This is your personal quantum portal where alchemy/manifestation occurs by holding – (The Keys) 🔑 of unconditional love and gratitude within.

PS- Noticing parallel timelines overlapping (seeing double everything) texts, comments, posts, people repeating things. One timeline will anchor/the other will collapse. See what number sequences you notice when this happens, then look up your message by googling it.

Twin Flames “walk in” through these. (11💞11)

Update as we go!

Much love, 💞
Tiffany Stiles


Metaphysical Life Coach

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3 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Wow! This is sooo right on for me. Nose running all day today. Never runs. Intestines releasing copious amounts of liquid cleaning out yesterday. And last night I had a breakdown / breakthrough that was related to old programming. Something shifted in my unconscious that I can’t even put into words. And I don’t need to. Woke up today after a full nights sleep, the first in a long time, full of energy and freedom. Thanks for all you do! Leah ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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