Look at the images below and allow your intuition to guide you to the right message today.



Have you chosen your card? Don’t think about it too much, as your first inclination is usually your intuition guiding you.




Anxiety ~ Masking emotions with substances

You may have drawn this card today because you are feeling anxiety over a situation or circumstance in your life.
Empaths can feel extreme anxiety when taking on the energies of others, or the collective. Empaths are generally the peace keepers and want harmony with peace in their space. When things become out of alignment within your life; at home, or work this can cause an Empath’s emotions to begin spiraling. By trying to control outside forces things will become out of alignment and this will show up in your life in some sort of discord. It may seem as if you’re hitting road blocks everywhere you turn. Nothing is turning out like you want it to. This is because you are out of alignment with the flow of energy, and your true path or soul essence. This could be your job, where you are living, to the types of people you are associating with.

To calm their nervous system, Empaths may turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the extreme emotions they are feeling. This will in turn create the opposite effect in lowering your vibrational frequency. You are a magnet for energy. And in a lower vibratory state you can attract lower vibrational beings into your field such as; “shadow people,” which feed off of energy that is low and negative.

Instead, try taking a warm bath. Sit in nature alone. Use scents with essential oils, or incense to boost your mood. Smudge your space, and body to remove negative energy. Do yoga, go for a walk, or create something from your heart. Bring yourself back to the now moment, not in the past and not in the future, but right here and now. By focusing on your now moment you are brought back into the present and are able to focus on what the reality is right here and now.

By trying alternative methods to calm your nerves, you will keep your energy elevated and calm. This automatically puts you in a state of alignment. And this in turn, attracts the Angelic beings to assist and guide you on your path.

New doors will begin opening that will bring you back into alignment doing what you’re meant to do, living where you’re meant to live, and it will bring your soul group together where you feel accepted, and loved with like-minded souls who support you on your journey.
When you are in alignment with the energy and your life purpose, all falls into place for you automatically. You will be calm, at peace and be in harmony with the energies around you. All of the synchronicities will begin to show up for you, and magical things will begin happening to you and all around you in your life.

Crystal to Assist: Lepidolite – Eases anxiety and stress.

Essential Oil to Assist: Lavender (use in an aromatherapy machine).



Healing from Family Trauma ~ Forgive, Release, Free Yourself

You have drawn this card today because there is some inner healing and forgiveness that needs to take place before you can move forward on your journey.

Empaths tend to incarnate into dysfunctional family environments in order to heal them with their high vibrational frequency. At times, the trauma some Empaths endure can last into adulthood. Some Empaths “may” feel a disconnect from one, or both parents their entire lifetimes… as if a bond was never established or feel like you never belonged. Forgiveness is an important part of releasing emotional weight and freeing yourself from a karmic tie to another. Forgiveness of one, or both parents and any siblings can release a huge weight you’ve been carrying over the years. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you are condoning their behavior that caused the trauma. It is saying, “I am no longer willing to carry this weight, and I’m ready to be free of it and move forward.” If need be, establishing firm boundaries with an assertiveness with those who test your limitations can bring you the peace of mind you’ve been craving. Ultimately, forgiving others will free you to move forward in your life purpose and also in connecting with healthy partners in the future. To understand your reason for incarnating into a dysfunctional family environment; see what you have learned and what all experiences have taught you. See how much your soul has evolved in growth from the experiences you’ve accumulated and the challenges you have surpassed. Look how far you have come!

Know we choose all experiences in this lifetime for the amount of soul growth we will obtain. This ultimately assists all Empaths on your path and journey as a healer later in life with the amount of wisdom you obtain from such experiences.

Crystal to Assist: Rose Quartz – Assists with emotional balance and healing. Helps ease childhood traumas.





It’s Okay to Change Your Mind ~ Go with the Flow of Energy

You have drawn this card today to allow you to know it is okay to change your mind when the energies don’t feel right to you.

As an Empath, growing into your gift you will begin to lean more towards going with the flow of energy and being spontaneous. You’ll notice by doing this everything seems to fall into place for you at the exact Divine right timing.

Know that if the energy doesn’t feel right, it is okay to change your mind and cancel plans. If it is an important event you can’t get out of, shielding your energy field, or taking a nap prior will assist in keep your vibrational frequency elevated.

When making plans with others days in advance, give fair warning that you may need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. By giving advance notice of possibly having to cancel, your friends or relatives may be more understanding.

Always listen to your intuitive guidance and go with the flow. If the energy doesn’t feel right to you, it isn’t a good time to engage in social activities, or this could cause you additional stress, anxiety, or a drain on your energy. By keeping up to date on the current energies coming through you know what to expect and how to plan around it.

Crystal to Assist: Rutilated Quartz – Gets energy moving on all levels. Attracts love and stabilizes relationships.





Remove Yourself from Toxic People ~ Protect Your Energy from Being Drained

You have drawn this card today because there are toxic people in your life that are draining your energy.

You may have also drawn this card today because you are dealing with some toxic people in your life and require guidance on removing yourself from them.

You were given the gift to feel so you may heal. In order to heal others through your vessel, you must maintain clear and at a high vibrational frequency. By being in the presence of negative people, or those who create drama, you are agreeing to allow your vibrational frequency to be lowered. This will in turn block your gift as a healer. As an Empath surrounding yourself with like-minded souls who accept you for who you are will benefit your life in amazing ways! Those of a lower vibrational frequency than yours will generally fall out of your field automatically. However, there are ones who will feed off your energy called “Energy Vampires” you will have to remove yourself from. This will take some focused action steps on your part to permanently close these doors, but by doing so, you will find your life changed in miraculous ways. By being with supportive, loving people your vibrational frequency remains elevated and your creativity will soar. You can join different spiritual groups on social media that you feel would benefit you. You can join in person drum sessions at a local beach that offers them. You can look for spiritual get-togethers, or seminars to meet like-minded souls and connect with them.

Crystal to Assist: Snowflake Obsidian – Provides balance during times of change. Helps one to see negative patterns in life.


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