Dear Beautiful Souls!

Mercury has stationed direct as of today! Whoo hoo! Any lagging behind, delays or technical malfunctions that plagued you over the past 3 weeks are over! Now we begin to pick up speed and momentum in moving forward with plans, visions, dreams and the welcomed energy of the Full Moon in Pisces right around the corner!

Full Moon in Pisces August 26th

The Piscean energy brings with it a dreaminess, a floatiness and an a feeling of almost like living outside of yourself looking in feeling. Like, is this me? Is this my life? Pisces are known for their natural psychic senses and powerful intuition that guides them daily. This means with the Pisces Full Moon this will increase for everyone else as well. Your psychic senses may be kicking into high gear with visions, seeing animal spirits sprinting through your house playing in joy! I’ve noticed over the past week this has escalated for me, possibly you’ve noticed it too. Certain number sequences are grabbing your attention too for a cosmic message.

With all of the 11:11 energies that came through in July, you may notice your wildest dreams are manifesting right in front of your eyes right now. The abundance flood gates have opened for all! If you are in alignment, you will reap the rewards of your focused set intentions, your positive outlook and the plans you have set in motion over the eclipse season. The hard inner work you dove into then, now pays off!

This full moon in Pisces will affect every sign in the zodiac in a positive way as this energy just flows with the cosmic vibe. For Pisces who are used to this energy on a daily basis in their dreamy state of floating in and out this dimemsional timeline and others, this full moon may enhance the energy Pisceans are used to. It may make Pisces a little cranky as the energy can be too much at times with the power of the full moon amplifying their sign. If you know a Pisces in your life, or you are a Pisces you may feel like retreating through this full moon so you aren’t feeling so over stimulated. A good way to channel this energy is creatively. Create to your heart’s content! By focusing your energy on the positive and creating from the heart, you will be surprised at the masterpiece you might come up with!

Over the past 2 weeks Astral work has amped up! You may wake a bit exhausted from working so hard in the Astral and etheric realms collapsing old timelines and anchoring new ones in. Some, including myself have experiencef some weird anomalies during Astral. I experienced sleep paralysis during Astral travel in another dimensional timeline. By being aware of what was occuring within this realm, I was able to win this battle which happened to involve my mother in this alternate timeline (parallel universe). When this occurs that alternate timeline collapses and is no longer a viable option to be anchored in. A great deal of karma is cleared through these etheric experiences, which clears the way for further growth and evolution in the light body ascension process.

You can expect your psychic senses and your intution to increase over the next couple of weeks. Through this energy things that were previously hidden now are brought to light. Any untruths or that which was bathed in illusion becomes clear and truths are revealed. This will aid you on closing the doors that no longer serve your higher purpose and allow new doors to open that will be an asset to your journey and path.

You can see this occuring on a grander scale right now with the scandalous news breaking of Priests within the Catholic Church being brought forth on allegations of child molestation charges in Pennsylvania. You will continue to see the darkness brought to light through the last 1/2 of 2018 in the public main stream news media outlets as well as other news outlets.

As always, by embracing the energies that we are given through different cosmic shifts and knowing what to expect, we can go with the flow and emerge better for it through the other side! This particular full moon brings with it a good vibe, a light vibe and an enhancement to the psychic senses and intution. Follow your gut and let it lead the way! Create to your heart’s content and see what you’re shown through your psychic senses. This energy will allow you to further perfect your metaphysical gifts and abilities by practicing and sharing.

Sending much love to you on your continued journey. 💝

Tiffany Stiles – Metaphysical Life Coach – Psychic Intuitive Empath


PS: I have created a very special Empath Guidance and Empowerment Oracle Card deck for HSP (highly sensitive people) that is packed with tools, guidance and techniques especially for Empaths to empower you on your life path and journey as a healer! Please CLICK HERE to learn more and to purchase your own deck!




2 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

  1. I don’t know why I am always pleasantly surprised by your reports, and how closely in tune I am with the energy. I was raised Catholic, and reside in the Greensburg Diocese, which is one of those involved in the investigation. Though I no longer attend, I am still sickened by what has been revealed. I have been focusing on sending love and light to all the innocent victims so damaged by the priests. Thank you for mentioning this. Those victims need all the love we can send.


  2. I googled meaning of 11:11 just four hours before I received my email subscription for this new update. I’ve been catching the clock at 11:11 morning and night. (When I was a kid I was one who yelled, “it’s 11:11, make a wish!” 😏

    Another CRAZY THING!!!! For the last couple years I have been trying to reveal my (now recent ex) boyfriend’s lies and manipulations to me and my family. TONIGHT NOT ONE BUT TWO LIES CAME TO LIGHT!


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