As we get ready to close out ecplise season on August 11th with the New Moon in Leo partial solar eclipse which will be visible to “some” in North America, but make no mistake it will affect “ALL” energetically as all eclipses do. Leo urges those to step into their personal power and unique gifts and abilities. Leo carries a very supportive energy with it. Leo is ruled by the sun which increases the power of positivity in your life! This in turn amplifies the manifesting power of the 11 energy that comes with this eclipse. The energy of Leo encourages social gatherings and collaborations as Leo’s love to host social gatherings and events, and are masters at paying attention to the details that make everyone feel welcome and comfortable with an air of laughter, fun and joy! Any affects from 6 planets currently retrograde are muted by this powerful ecplise energy, minus technical glitches that come with Mercury Retrograde which goes Direct on the 19th.

This will mark a rare trifecta 11:11 portal with the date of the Ecplise falling on the 11th. This is an 11 year – (2018= 11) “Year of Mastery” where mastering your gifts and stepping outside of your comfort zone to use them has stirred inner urgings to begin now!

The 11:11 Trifecta

  • August, 2018 is a 19/10/1 Universal Month
  • 2018 is an 11 Universal Year
  • August 11 is an 11 Universal Day
  • The eclipse falls at 18° = 9 which signifies rapid endings and new beginnings.


Leo’s are considered the Kings and Queens of the zodiac turning heads wherever they go. They are born with confidence, and command an air of respect that naturally flows to those around them without others knowing why.  Many Leos experience others saying, yes ma’am and yes sir to them as a sign of respect. They are born leaders that easily step into this role when the time arises. This energy carries over to All through this eclipse allowing an inner confidence to emerge, your personal power to blossom, and your leadership skills rise to the occasion…while your creative expression may be bursting at the seems too!

The 8:8 Lion’s Gateway and Portal


Yesterday the energies of the Lions Gateway and Portal on August 8th allowed an energetic aligning to occur of your new footprint on New Earth. This occurred through a new energetic timeline you anchored in attached to the new mastery key codes that were downloaded. Didn’t the energy feel utterly Ahhhmazing yesterday?! YES! The energies of the 11 Master Number with the powerful Leo eclipse allow this momentum to continue on a forward path without looking backwards!

New Moon In Leo


The New Moon is all about setting your new intentions for that which you wish to manifest. This rare 11:11 trifecta portal will amplify your manifesting powers 10 fold! So be very specific in manifesting that which you wish to hold very quickly in your reality, as it will also anchor into your new timeline very quickly too.

A Review

The first 6 months of this year has been all about breaking dysfunctional and toxic patterns in your life; about really letting go of everything that no longer serves your highest purpose. About losing the attached energies to people and things.  It has been about removing the blocks that have been standing in your way once and for all! There is no looking back once this occurs.

Numbers are the universal language and specific energies amplify the energy of those numbers. With the 11:11 trifecta/New Moon Solar Eclipse falling at 18° – this equalling 9, you can expect some very rapid endings to occur through this ecplise;  all that is not within your current alignment falls away! You may be urged to move, change jobs, or follow your soul’s purpose. If you’ve already done so, you may be urged to branch out into other areas, or accept additions into your current realm of expertise. You also may be urged to collaborate, and create new partnerships that will result in a positive endeavor for all parties involved with amazing results that will affect many others in a positive way too.

We No Longer Tolerate That Which Insults Our Soul Essence

That which we used to “tolerate” is no longer acceptable in our lives. As our toxic patterns came up for review over the past 6 months, we saw an inner self love emerge. This brought forth a healthy new timeline to enjoy and play in concerning the relationship we hold with ourselves and especially with others too. We are being more lovable to ourselves which allows others to be more lovable to us.

The radius at which the heart chakra energy reaches now has increased in several feet instead of inches from our center. You will notice now when in public settings random people are attracted to this high vibrational frequency. They are pulled and drawn to you to you. BUT… if they are not a vibrational frequency match in your current alignment, they get bounced out of your electromagnetic field very quickly. They will just get the urge to get up and walk away, and they won’t even know why or what just hit them. It’s that powerful! But at the same time this powerful energy touches them in a way that elicits transfromation that will slowly begin to unfold in their lives in a positive way. This is “Mastering Transmutation!”

When a new timeline emerges in our lives it takes some adjusting as the old ways in which we dealt with things no longer work here anymore. It takes a whole new outlook and approach to continue to anchor and energetically align to your new timeline at a higher frequency level. Your actions on a daily basis is what continues it to anchor in. Being ever so cognizant of your thoughts and keeping in mind the previous patterns you broke free of, you will continue to remain in your new alignment very easily. Remember remaining heart centered and balanced is a huge piece to your new alignment too!

In contrast to others being pulled into your field when anchoring in a new personal timeline, another scenerio may occur. By collapsing an old timeline your vibarational frequency raises. During the transitional period of the old timeline collapsing and energetically anchoring the new, you will experience glitches where you may possibly become invisible for a short time to those of a lower frequency in public settings. They just can’t see you as the energetic alignment is not there for that to occur. Think of the Archangels, Spirit Guides, God/Source and our Guardian Angels… Most can “feel their presence”, but most are unable to “see them” because they reside in a higher dimensional realm and existence at a much higher vibrational frequency. The same principal applies here. The same goes for personal items disappearing and reappearing too.

The animals in your home are also aligning and adjusting to your new timeline, so their loyalty may switch from one person in your home to another. This is something very new that is occuring within the animal kingdom and the likes of which has never happened before! We have noticed over the past 6 months our telepathic communication with the animals has increased. Where this was first evident was in our own furry babies, and then with the wild birds and other animals in nature. Always keep in mind that the animals and children are going through a great deal of adjusting too, so extra love and care are required.

Remember that 2018 = 11.  This is the year of you Mastering All! Through the Lion’s Gateway and Portal yesterday, new mastery key codes were downloaded to those who were in alignment to receive them at this time. These activate new DNA strands to form within, and another rewiring process begins to unfold as new pathways are created within our on personal meridian and grid which continue anchoring to New Earth.

Certain number sequences become evident now that carry a message forth to you. But 11:11 is the consistent number that is an awakening code and master number that remains constant throughout the physical light body acsension process, reminding all to continue “mastering, learning, growing and evolving.”

Step Up or Step Out!

As this past 6 months has prompted much inner work, breaking free of dysfunctional patterns that were unhealthy and toxic, while establishing new healthy boundaries became necessary in the process too.

It is very easy now to see a red flag that was hidden before. And when we see it now we say, Nope, no more! I will not go backwards, I am only moving forwards. You know, those who now align to your new timeline easily step in as the old doors stay closed. Those who were heavily rooted in the collasped timeline are trying very hard to hang on; grasping at any little energetic string they can hold on to not to lose you. The confidence and inner power this energy brings forth will not allow you to go backwards. It is either step up, or step out to those who wish to play in the old timeline. And move forward with me, or stay where you are. We no longer accept that which insults the essence of our souls and the true authentic selves we have come to love. It is an air of, meet me where I am, while challenging me to grow and evolve, or continue to play where you are. It is very easy now to accept others for their own path and journey they must play out. However if it isn’t in our current alignment it/they will fall away. New Earth is all about energetic alignment. As we continue to anchor in our new individual timelines, a collective one anchors automatically for all else who are aligned too.

Through this powerful ecplise allow your new to align and anchor in. You will now see a whole new realm of existence emerge right in front of your eyes! The way people approach you now will be of an unconditionally loving vibration. Get used to it- This is New Earth! And your continual and constant awareness in remaining in this alignment is what anchors it into the crystalline grid to manifest for all else who are in alignment too. This is a slow and gradual process, purposely to allow humans the ability to accept and allow this new change to occur as the deep seated patterns of duality dissolve.

This is the most exciting time where the magical energy magically flows through the air and allows others magically align with you who are a Vibrational Frequency Match! It is all about the NEW! The bridge from the higher dimensional realms/dimensions are accessible to you now. Alignment is key, and mastering your gifts and abilities are key to mastering your new life of New Earth!

Here we go!

Much love, Tiffany Stiles 💞🙏💞


Metaphysical Life Coach

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Thank you and much love! 💞


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