Your Personalized Energy Report to Make It Through the Eclipse Season Based On Your Astrological Sign~

The moon  is currently in Leo, and the longest solar eclipse of the century will happen on July 27th at 1 hour and 43 minutes! Brace yourself as this will be powerful Energy to shift your life in a whole new direction! Whatever is not healed, resolved, holding you back and stifling your progress will be pushed to the surface to acknowledge and deal with. This is a total lunar eclipse with a blood moon + Mercury retrograde. The emotions of every sign will be affected by this cosmic trio of powerful energies. There have been consistent geomagetic storms as well which add to the combination. The feelings will flow and the tears may flow too, and you may feel like everything is bubbling up inside ready to overflow. Whatever surfaces needs and requires your attention, so sit with it and allow the clearing to occur.

Here is some guidance to make it through based on your astrological sign.

♌ Leo, it is your time to shine for the whole world to see! Embrace your natural gift of creativity and create to your heart’s content.  This time of year is when creativity peaks for you. So pour that energy into your business. Pay attention to detail and take your time. Your passionate nature over flows and a natural urge takes over to socialize and have fun! Embrace all new doors that open for you! All eyes are on you and now is when the opposite sex is more attracted to you than ever!
New doors always open for you during this time of year! Good things are on the way!

♎ Libra your scales of balance may be feeling a bit off. Take some time for you to do that which brings your heart joy. The element of joyful play has been lacking in your life lately.  Have fun reconnecting with your inner child and the innocence and wonder that came along with your younger days. See things with fresh new eyes for a new perspective. Smile, laugh, embrace life and do you!

♈ Aries you may be feeling a bit indecisive right now in a major life decision which may be adding to a sense of impatience for you. Take time to weigh the pros and cons to come to the best decision. Dip your toes in lightly to test the waters before jumping all in!

♓ Pisces, Out of all the zodiac signs you are the most sensitive and intuitive. It’s easy to stay in your own little world, but at the same time, you may be finding it difficult keeping your fet firmly planted on the ground right now. You may have your head up in the clouds to avoid the harsh energies surrounding the lunar eclipse making things a bit difficult for you right now. Now is the time to spend time alone in introspection, or with trusted friends who can provide a listening ear and provide the support you are craving. Figure out what is truly important to you, then delve in to make your dreams a reality.

♊ Gemini, both sides of your personality are rising to the surface at the same time during the eclipse season which may be creating some confusion for yourself, your family and friends. You may want to go out, have fun and socialize one minute, then the next stay home and curl up with a good movie or book. The energy may have you feeling a bit wishy washy which is annoying to you. Tune into what you’re truly craving and embrace it to get back on track.

♑ Capricorn, your focus is always on work, but this energy will have you craving time in nature, going on hikes, camping, or tending your garden. You’ll want to be surrounded by mountains, fresh air, or the ocean to decompress. It may be time to schedule some vacation Capricorn and take some much needed time off to reconnect with Nature and get back to your roots.

♍ Virgo, This energy has you feeling upside down and inside out. You may be getting stuck in your head and obsessing over situations that are stealing your joy. Your craving for perfection in all areas of your life may be putting a damper on your relationships right now. Lighten up by getting a massage and getting your mind off of things. Stay in your now moment to remain connected to those you care about most. By embracing everyone’s unique gifts and abilities will allow you to be more accepting of other’s imperfections.

♏ Scorpio, this energy has you craving an equal partner as you don’t like being alone, but don’t like answering to anyone either, so you’re split! Don’t make any hasty decisions when it comes to matters of the heart until after ecplise season. Your fiesty spirit and zest for life may prompt you to step outside of your comfort zone to meet someone new in a different way than you’re used to. Go with it, but don’t obsess over the process of how to get there. Allow things to unfold naturally. Get out of your head and into your heart, and allow things to progress naturally and slowly….after ecplise season.

♐ Sagittarius, this energy is looking good on you right now. You’ve got a bounce in your step and are attracting people to you left and right! This opens up new doors for you at work and in a social atmosphere. Capitalize on networking to build your brand and business.

♋ Cancer, this energy has many signs and synchronicities presenting themselves to guide you, but you’ve been missing the mark lately which has you a bit disappointed. Reconnect with a Higher Power in your life by using meditation, prayer, or sitting quitely alone to tap into your Higher Self. Slow down and smell the roses. Enjoy being in your now moment to see the signs everytime!

♒ Aquarius, have the negative Nellie’s been creeping in trying to get you down? Think of how much you’ve over came. How strong you truly are and how resilient your spirit is. You have an adaptable nature to your spirit which allows you to be a camilian when need be. Use this over eclipse season to blend in when needed. In contrast, allow your spirit to shine when in the most auspicious circumstances to stand out and make a statement when it counts! You’re good at complimenting others but don’t forget to show yourself some love too.

♉ Taurus, this energy might have you feeling quite stubborn and set in your ways. The challenge is to soften your approach a bit through eclipse season and allow your natural care taking side to shine through. Your connections with others will deepen during this period if you let your guard down a bit and show others a softer more gentler side to yourself. Being by the water is calling your name.

Much love, light and eclipse blessings, Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach 💝


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