Happy Magical Solstice!


Happy Magical Solstice!

Thursday, June 21, 2018! It’s the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun has changed houses, and entered the sign of Cancer with Mercury. The Moon is in Libra. Today’s Master Number is 11/2 — The Intuitive Healer.

Today, hold and anchor the harmonic resonance of New Earth. For this is a vibrational frequency that exists within you that matches that dimensional reality to allow it to emerge as a new reality timeline.

On Solstices, powerful gateways/portals open! This one to allow the old to leave, and the new to flow in. We can no longer participate in the old programming and timelines for the new to emerge. It is a Consciousness choice in us all to allow this new timeline to emerge from within ourselves by carrying the vibrational frequency out into the world today. Be kind, compassionate, empathetic, supportive and send healing energy outward. Be in service of others. For as you participate in these new ways of doing things, you are bringing forth that new reality by collapsing the old timeline.

Today, you experience all multi-dimensional aspects of yourself in Technicolor! The energy has lifted as we underwent a mega healing of our inner child and the patterns of our lives that were holding us back. Today’s Energy allows us to breathe in the new and feel the lightness of a heavy weight lifted through healing, and transformation to allow the abundance flow in, and the new to take shape and form from manifestation to physical matter. All senses are heightened today, especially hearing. So listen closely to all of the sounds coming to you that present as harmonic resonance.

If you remember, many of us experienced the harmonic resonance begin the beginning of this month with the potent aroma of floral scents coming out of nowhere. With this came a very specific Archangel that carries through her harmony and peace. We were being asked to hold that harmonic resonance through today to anchor it through this solstice gateway.

Even with 6 planets in Retrograde, today the energy feels Ahhhmazing! Embrace your new! “IN”joy this blissful, magical day that brings forth the energy through which you will experience through year’s end. Balancing your light and dark within is key. For whichever you feed more is the manifestated reality in which you will experience through the remainder of the year! Today is the day to hit the reset button and begin anew allowing this harmonic energy to pass through you, and touch your heart in ways you are able to share it with others.

*New Beginnings
*Balance the Light & Dark
*Hightened Intuition
*Heightened Clairaudience
*Anchor Harmonic Resonance

Sending much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ❣️🙏❣️


Tiffany Stiles~ Metaphysical Life Coach

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