Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles- Challenges Arise- Creativity Calls!


Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

What a past week! Whoo! This is began to ramp up last Saturday! Energy on steroids! This energy signature tells me quite a bit is going on here! Let’s break it down.

1.) We are being “tested to stay in harmonic resonance”, no matter how hard someone else tries to knock us out of it. People are being personally attacked, their character, their soul essence, etc… AND we have six planets in Retrograde! AND intense geomagnetic storms all week… possibly turning to a solar flare expulsion in the coming days. This will bring one’s shadow side out to play. You will be tested on keeping your ego in check. You will be tested in many ways.

2.) People are trying to engage us in drama. Nope! Steer clear!

3.) People will purposely test the boundaries you’ve set, and disrespect your sacred space. Nope! Stand strong!

4.) Outside energetic forces are interfering with your high vibrational frequency, causing depression, anger, sadness, etc… Stay in your here and now. When I feel this I get up and clean my space. One, cleaning raises the frequency by opening space for energy to flow freely. Two, it grounds you in the moment to concentrate on what you’re doing. Three, I crank the music sing, and burn incense/soy candles/sage- three more vibrational frequency increasers. Or you can sit, or be out in nature, really focus on what’s going on around you. Smell, hear, taste, breathe, see, feel. Ground your energy with Earth. Disconnect from social media. By the time I’m done, I feel great again. I don’t engage with others until I’m back to myself. The more you lend your energy to the negative, the more you feed it. The opposite works equally as good. Stay in a state of gratitude being grateful for everything in your life. Do a random act of kindness. This is the fastest way to get back into alignment.

Those that allow themselves to be easily controlled by outside forces, ie; one example, someone who drinks to get drunk daily, will find themselves often being “triggered” out of nowhere, often overreacting at simple things. They will often find themselves attacking others for no reason. They are “locked into a toxic cycle” that repeats daily. They are, in essence “programmed and easily controlled.” AI interference is what I think of them as. It’s best to just steer clear of these people and not engage. It is an entire waste of energy and time, and a distraction to throw you of course. Don’t fall for it! Just walk away, don’t engage, or participate in the non sense.

5.) A lot of people are having inner child healing come to the surface. This is very important to take the time for yourself to really feel to heal. Embrace your inner child with a warm hug, lots of love and acceptance. If you are being pulled to confront certain people that caused trauma, and tell them this is how it made you feel, do this. It can be very cathartic and healing. If you don’t feel you can see them in person, write them a letter. Forgive, release and let it go.

6.) A lot of people are having exes resurface with emotions and memories tied to the past. When this occurs, you are being prompted to do a review of your relationship patterns; from the very first one, your parents, to the very last one with a partner, then your relationship with yourself. See how it all intertwines. We cannot change the future without looking at the past. As soon as the pattern reveals itself, it shatters into a new reality for you. If you had many toxic, dysfunctional relationships in the past, you will now have healthy, nuturing, supportive relationships in your life. You will begin to realize your self worth, and give yourself the self love you’ve been holding back. Your inner reality will soon be reflected as the same on the outside.

It is no surprise we are being put to the test at this time with 6 planets retrograde, and rapidly approaching summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21st. The solstice brings abundance, balance, new beginnings, higher perspectives and a clean slate. But we must, as always, do the inner work before we reap the rewards. With Saturn retrograde karmic return is swift, almost immediate. Most people don’t even know what hit them it’s so quick! This also provides an opportunity to clear karma as well if handled through the heart space.

As an energy sensitive, it is imperative you are in tune with the energy signatures that come in to understand how they will affect you and others. What is the source of the energy? Solar flares, geomagnetic storms, Schumann Resonance spikes, planetary influences, new moon, full moon influences, solstice energy? I’ve been writing and sharing Energy Reports for years now to assist in understanding, knowing what to expect, knowing as an energy sensitive you are not crazy, as there are millions globally experiencing the same thing as you. All are connected, and all affect us in unique ways. Working with the energy, and not against it is what assists us in progressing on this journey together.

Although the majority of this report lists challenges arising at this time, what is at an all time high is creativity! This Energy is prompting us to create! And when we create from an authentic space of the heart, and share this with the world, we are sharing unconditional love and automatically transmuting. So write, paint, create a website and blog, create memes and share your wisdom, create videos. Your connection to your higher self and Source are also in alignment now increasing your Intuitive Guidance. Increase your service to others activities. Spruce up your business appearance to align with who you are now. This is the positive side of this Energy signature, so go with it, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!

Now that we know what to expect, we are prepared. Here are some things to assist. When you see yourself being challenged in any of these ways, pull up this report and use the tools available to assist yourself through. Keep your heart open, stay in an unconditional loving space while maintaining the boundaries you’ve established for yourself. Hold space for others who are struggling. Transmute lower vibrational frequency through your higher heart. Be cognizant of your self talk. Stay in a state of gratitude. See what surfaces through your Higher Self to gain the full picture. Surround yourself with like minded souls who love you unconditionally, and fully support your journey and authenticity. Get out your crystals and use them! Black tourmaline, obsidian, labradorite, amethyst, clear quartz, Herkimer diamond. Use essential oils and scents to increase your frequency. Smudge your self and your space. Ground with Earth- be in nature. Force yourself to stay in the moment. Listen to music, sing and dance and CREATE!

Sending much love, light and blessings,
Tiffany Stiles
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A little more information to assist you through this time….


As we near the midway mark of 2018, the cosmos calls upon you to take stock of your life and progress so far this year… And there’s no way to ignore it. On Monday 6/18, Neptune, God of the Sea and ruler of your subconscious, went retrograde. Once a year, this large, dark and mysterious planet reminds you that much of your truth sleeps below the surface, in the depths of your soul. It begs you to look deep within to find the answers you’ve been seeking reflecting back at you.  Then, tomorrow 6/21, we celebrate the sultry Solstice. For those in the Northern Hemisphere this day marks the longest day of the year. For those in the South, the shortest. Yet, regardless of your geographical coordinates, the message behind this powerful day remains the same. Now is a time to spot the beautiful balance of light and dark that exists within you…To embrace that which inspires you, and recognize that which may be holding you back.  This is a week for navigating all dimensions of yourself, exploring the unique and powerful being that you are, because let’s face it… This year has been rockier than expected hasn’t it? 2018 was predicted to be your year of enhanced intuition, psychic power and lightning-fast manifestation, thanks to its “11” Universal Year code (2+0+1+8=11)…But if you’re still struggling, stuck, or stagnant, you’re not alone. No, 2018 isn’t out to get you, but…You may have missed an important numerological clue that others did not  And it has to do with the darkness within all of us. The good news is it’s not too late to turn things around. There are still 6 whole months left to make 2018 the abundant and joyful year it’s meant to be…And to help you harmonize with 2018’s Universal energies before the year is gone and it’s too late, we’ve prepared a special half-year video update for you on our blog (think of it as your 2018 reset button).

VIDEO: 5 ways to turn 2018 into your most abundant year yet” 



2 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles- Challenges Arise- Creativity Calls!

  1. Hi Tiffany, thank you for the energy letter on wordpress. but i could’nt get the video to run??? anyway, peace be with you, norman bushey ps: i for some reason no matter how hard i try, cannot seem to hold onto blessings??? peace.


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