Energy Report Update~ Tiffany Stiles

Over the past few days we had some dense energy come through for good reason. This brought things into review that needed focus. Yesterday and today are high energy days! Fantastic days to get things done, or go out and have fun and enjoy nature. Over the past week I have noticed the telepathy with my animals increasing. My cat, Miss Sweetie Pie, came out to the kitchen this morning meowing her head off. I said, what is it? Oh you don’t have any food? You want your treats, fresh water too? And then she says, hey mom while you’re at it, can you clean my cat box? Ha! My daughter looks at me with her head cocked to the side. I said, go on and see if your cat has food and water, and give her her treats please. We’ll do the cat box in a bit. She goes in where her food is….mom how did you know that’s what she wanted?! I just know. I can hear the animals telepathically, or understand their language. Has this increased lately for you too? Same with our Bella Boo Boo sweet dog. I always talk to all the animals, plants and trees too. They love it! Try it if you haven’t done so lately. Really try and connect with them on a higher consciousness level.

This May 29th FULL FLOWER MOON in Sagittarius brings opportunities for many blessings and consciousness expansion into your life for the next few weeks. Sagittarius full moons are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of joy, wealth, luck consciousness expansion, wisdom and truth. You can expect some truths to be brought to light, and you yourself will have no choice but to sit down and have those serious conversations you’ve been putting off with nothing but the truth being spoken. Remember to speak from your heart to be heard and understood. This will either heal, or bring the closure that’s been so sorely lacking. Between these two polar opposites, Jupiter/Sagittarius, your moods will be on a roller coaster ride. You might witness some angry outbursts too. For those who have pushed things below the surface for too long, it now comes bubbling up light a volcano ready to explode! If introspection calls, listen and take that time for you to sort through what’s being brought to the surface to heal and release…. once and for all. Painful Parental relationships often surface during this transit for review, higher perspective, forgiveness, releasing and letting go. Family is the focus this transit shines a light on. And whatever has not been working in the past will will be pushed to the surface to deal with…. once and for all! Change is the calling card of this transit! You may be saying to yourself, “Things have got to change from this point on.” That’s when you know there is no escaping this situation anymore. It is time to deal with it.

Friendships come in a close 2nd to re-evaluate the balance between sides. Have you been doing all the giving and reaching out, while others have been taking and ignoring? If so, it’s time to speak your mind, and be heard to either bring balance back, or allow this friendship to fall away. As we have been through major energetic shifts the past year, you’ll notice this previous set of friends you’ve made over the past couple of years fall away. New doors must be continually open for higher expansion in consciousness. As one door closes, another one opens. Now, more than ever, if people are not a vibrational frequency match they fall away much quicker now than ever! Just poof gone, you never hear from them again, and it doesn’t even cross your mind.

Now to the exes…they just pop up out of nowhere during this transit either wanting another chance, or wanting to pursue the relationship in other ways as friends, or business partners. Use your intuition to discern the genuiness of this person and their true motives. Have they changed, or is it a facade? During this Full Moon use your intuition over matters of the heart. This is not the time to swoon over the good times, but to remember why they became an ex in the first place. Delete all those pictures of your ex, get rid of any clothing, or items you’ve held onto. If you’re ready for new love to walk in, you must clear out the old first before the Universe can see you’re ready for the new to walk in

All relationships are brought up for review specifically to bring balance into your life now. So let the ones go that need to, and build on the ones worth saving and nurturing. .

And there’s an extra added surprise to this full moon date! The 29th reduces to an 11, so does 2018 this entire year. This introduces a powerful 11:11 portal for lightning-fast manifestation! The last one occurred on May 6th, and on May 11th. So this is a triple high manifestation month!

This is a most powerful Full Moon with all factors involved, so as always, keep it positive on these high manifesting days. Go out and socialize. Meditate for higher consciousness. Allow your creative streak to take flight by painting, writing, journaling, music. Start making your “specific” list” of what you wish to manifest for your highest good! This moon revolves around the solar plexus chakra and taking your power back! Now’s the time!

Don’t forget to put your crystals out to charge under the full moon light!

Happy Full Moon Manifesting Blessings! Remember, all always works out for your highest good. So don’t stress and go with the flow~>.
Lovingly, Tiffany Stiles 💞    Metaphysical Life Coach



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