A Question About Love Has Brought You Here Today. Let’s see what the cards have in store for you.

Beautiful Soul, Your first card is The Moon

Hmmm… what a revealing first card!

The Moon suggests that some form of gossip or nosy individuals are what brought you here. Secret truths have been revealed, likely about a man!

Did you find out someone was lying, cheating or straight up deceiving you? Did one of your “friends” turn out to be your enemy?

The Moon can indicate a confusing time period where your character has been defamed behind closed doors.Someone is talking about you behind your back.

You’ve been in the dark about a lot of things. You’re wondering if you can trust him or not. You’re not sure if he’s really the man he says he is, in one way or another. Things probably got a little crazy!

This could mean anything from someone spying on you … to someone completely taking advantage of you.

Either way, be careful! You don’t need any more risk in your life, especially if it’s about someone you don’t know very well.

Now you’ve found yourself in a sketchy situation with a guy and you’re not sure what to do next.

Ask yourself: Who in my life has been a liar? What big risks have I been taking that I don’t need to? Am I ready to know the TRUTH about what people said about me?

We ask these questions as we continue towards the next card … the card of your Present. .

Beautiful Soul, Here’s Where You’re At Now

Your second card is The Emperor

Right now, you are taking control and relying on yourself to find reasons for what happened, and what you’re about to discover could change your love life forever.

Is there an Emperor in your life that you’re trying to figure out?

Recent circumstances have led you to assume responsibility for something involving a man and now things are getting heavy.

The Emperor is the man in charge who is stubborn and does not change his mind easily. He is the one who has the authority.

You’re ready to know the truth. You want to see if the guy you came here about is right for you. You have the confidence to find out because you are coming into your own.

Your sexual energy is HIGH. You are motivated to make a change. You are attracted to established men who naturally lead others. There is a man in your life that you consider powerful for his creative and mental prowess.

Could this guy really be your Emperor that rules the world with you by his side?

If he is, then give him a chance to prove himself. If not, then it’s YOUR turn to take control.

Either way, you’re on the hunt for clues right now to reclaim your personal power from the situation that brought you here. You have the strength to make it happen now!

Ask yourself: Is the man you’re here about right for you? Are you ready for power in your love life? Would you like to manifest the perfect love you’ve always dreamed of?

Depending on what your future card holds, it may be totally possible. Or, the Universe could be issuing you a warning.

The only way to know is to check card number 3

Beautiful Soul, Here’s What Your Future Holds

Your third card is Strength

WOW that’s interesting … what a positive card!

You’ve drawn Strength as your Future. Are you ready for a hot steamy romance that may endure the test of time?

Strength suggests there is a man in your future with the heart of a lion and the sex drive of one too. You are in for a sensual treat when you realize who he is, and what he’s actually capable of.

Could he be the one who finally sweeps you off your feet?

Strength can indicate a charming attraction that will set your love life on fire. Do not over react and spoil the moment!

It wouldn’t surprise me if the guy you came here about embodies Strength in your very near future.

You’re ready for change. You feel it coming. You want to feel passion surging through your body like electricity and be taken like a real WOMAN by a man who cannot resist himself.

You must BE CAREFUL. This card can also mean that a man who seems like he’s amazing is actually a fake, self gratifying creep. Beware of delusions of grandeur. If he seems too good to be true, he probably is.

Overall, your future’s looking bright. Great news is on your horizon, and you’ll want to be prepared. Look for clues in the way he makes you feel when you’re with him, once you know who this man is.

Whoever he is … he could potentially be very good … or very bad for you.

It all depends on whether or not you’re compatible and what kind of man you’re really dealing with.

Has this reading brought you clarity today? If so leave a comment below.

Much love, light and blessings 💞

Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach


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