Do you have questions revolving around a relationship? See what the Tarot Cards reveal for you today!


Hmmm… what a fascinating first card!

The High Priestess is a holy woman. She’s the keeper of secrets and suggests that something important has been hidden from you!

Something is being kept a secret behind your back. There’s a woman involved. She’s the quiet type who you wouldn’t expect!

You must double check all your facts. Mysterious factors have created circumstances that forced you to act.

Did you have a vision or a really strong feeling that made you want to take this reading?

It’s quite possible a man you’re curious about has been lying to you, or at the very least, distorting the truth. The High Priestess suggests a situation clouded in fantasy – either good or bad.

Something is not clear yet. Something has happened behind the scenes.

Either way, you want to go deeper and see beyond the facade of the situation. You are on the hunt for the truth. You’ll find out if he can be trusted or not very soon!

Now, you’ve found yourself dealing with unconscious issues and you want to know what is going on.

Ask yourself: Did this man say something potentially false to me recently? Who’s trust and I unsure of? Is there another woman I don’t know about?

We ask these questions as we continue towards the next card … the card of your Present. .



Right now, you are on the verge of absolute success in your situation because your actions were correct and handled it well. The outcome could change your love life forever.

Are you ready to finally be rewarded for your efforts?

It’s been a long journey until now. Recent circumstances have given you the courage to conquer your situation now.

The Chariot indicates you will be the victor in a conflict, even if it may not seem so now. This is especially true if the conflict has to do with a man. If so, you are right and he is wrong.

There may be issues involving power and revenge. You are doing the right thing so keep moving forward.

Your family, your home and your domestic matters are on your mind. Problems in these areas may be delaying you from getting what you want. Someone may have traveled a great while just to show up in your life!

The Chariot asks you to tune into your emotional inner world. Your love life is a result of how you feel inside. Take care of yourself first. If you’re feeling needy, step back.

You need to get grounded and figure out your game plan before you do anything. That’s why we’re looking into your future next.

Ask yourself: Who deserves to enter your private world? What does your family have to do with your circumstances right now? Would you like to finally feel taken care of in a love relationship – perhaps for the first time ever?

Depending on what your future card holds, it may be totally possible. Or, the Universe could be issuing you a warning.


VERY interesting …

You’ve drawn The Magician as your Future. Are you finally ready to manifest the true love of your life?

The Magician suggests a man in your life who wants to support you. He is intelligent and admires your mind. He is The Magician, or helping you become one.

The Magician can indicate a positive, creative energy that sparks the birth of something new. This is the card of manifesting! You’re about to enter a new phase of your love life.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the guy you came here about embodies The Magician in your very near future.

You must BE CAREFUL.

The Magician can also mean a man who is egotistical, narcissistic, maybe even obsessed with himself or his success. This card does tend to represent an overbearing person who may try to persuade you. There could be a secret about this man that you don’t know If you’re feeling overwhelmed, obsessive or panicked, take a step back.

You’re ready for new ideas. You are acting intelligent. A big breakthrough is at the doorstep of your love life. You’re ready to take action.

An interesting discovery is on your horizon, and you’ll want to be prepared. Look for clues in the way he expresses his ideas, once you know who this man is.

Whoever he is … he could potentially be very good … or very bad for you.

It all depends on whether or not you’re compatible and what kind of man you’re really dealing with.

Have the cards given you clarity today? If so, leave a comment below!

Much love, Tiffany ~ Metaphysical Life Coach


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14 thoughts on “3 Card Relationship Tarot Reading~

  1. Thank you Tiffany, you are right on. I have known the truth since I met him. He is my soul mate & I hoped what I knew was not true. I have kept my mouth shut as it his choice to reveal the truth. My career was in psych nursing & my intuition has expanded over the years. After my near death experience about 20 yrs ago no one can believe how healthy I have become @ age 75 (confuses my doctors). I expect to be here for a long time. Just went thru another “dark night of my soul” & feel lifted. I learned the power of unconditional love & could write a story: went behind the iron curtain to rescue a woman, survived & grew amazingly being one of the first female nurses assigned to working with the criminally insane, could write a book about my adventures. Even had the honor of working throughout our central Arctic..feel like I have been blessed over & over learning about the power of unconditional love. Had 2 narcissistic husbands – each left me homeless & penniless. Raised 3 sons who had tough lives, 5 stepchildren who hated me from day one (teens). A tough painful journey, however I am so thankful for the compassion & love in my soul. You have been one of my favorite guides. Blessings galore to you Tiffany, you lighten our world.

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story Alannah, and for your kind words. You are Divinely blessed, loved and cared for and protected by your Angels and Guides. I can feel the love through your words. You are an Earth Angel dear soul. Much love, light and blessings to you- Tiffany~ 💕


  2. As always Everytime I need to read something I come across the right words at the right time. Thank you for always spreading your love, honesty and compassion with the world. I love all of your dedication you have in helping others.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lady,

    This was right on for what is going on in my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.

    Love and Light,
    Mykelann Wise


  4. This fabulous reading confirms /affirms my decision to throw a big party and marry myself! I am fully committed to loving myself and my life in a way no one else can and am just so darn happy being my own best partner. This reading is icing on the wedding cake! 💕😂 💕


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