Dear Beautiful Souls!

Today we welcome the New Moon in Pisces. The watery, intuitive and psychic sign of the zodiak. As the fish swim in opposite directions for the sign of Pisces it reminds us to go with the flow, while being able to slow down and be present in our here and now. This New Moon is conjunct Chiron, The Wounded Healer. This offers the opportunity for all to heal those inner wounds that have held us back from an open, unconditionally loving heart. This conjunct has a tendency to pull one within for introspection, and this couldn’t happen at a more opportune time!

This New Moon today, Match 17th bridges the gap between two March Full Moons; March 1st and March 31st, the Worm Moon and Blue Moon. This time of year signifies blunt endings and new beginnings as we end the zodiak cycle with Pisces, and begin with the first sign of the zodiak Aries, post Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th.

This is a magnificent time of transformation, finding balance, harmony and peace within. During this time of year it calls for reflection on all obstacles we’ve over came, how far we’ve been stretched consciously, and we begin to step into a new birthing cycle of our next chapter to come. This is the most auspicious time to set your intentions and allow this New Moon to bridge the gap to Full Moon manifestation on the Full Moon of the 31st.

This New Moon calls for self care, self reflection and finally doing what’s best for you! This New Moon brings the clarity that was lacking in difficult relationships and where to go from here. Pisces brings the full picture to view to show what definite steps need to be taken now to move in a positive direction, and flow for your highest good. During this time of year, endings are abrupt and this is where final doors are closed to allow new doors to open for you. The struggles that you have faced are embodied in the light of new beginnings the Spring Equinox energies offer. Be open to receive as this sets the tone for the rest of your calendar year.

As we move into Aries energies post equinox, things begin to move in a more creative and fun, but serious, get down to business mode. As April approaches think of your current lifestyle, career, and living conditions. Where would you like to make changes to align with your higher vibrational frequency? Is a residential move in order? A career change? Downsizing perhaps? How about some new things to add more vibrancy and life to your sacred space? This time is about embracing all that is new and releasing all that has held you back from progressing on your journey. The energy fully supports you now as you align with it, so begin where you’re being pulled to do so!

We have had a barrage of solar bursts over the past weeks. These further increase our vibrational frequency, and DNA upgrades as you’re full aware of by now. The anxiety, agitation, the lack of patience, the interrupted sleep, or lack of it are all par for the course as our bodies adjust to higher light quotients. When we know what to expect, we can easily go into our Metaphysical tool box and pull out what we need, such as; grounding your energy to Earth, staying hydrated, taking naps, eating clean, taking time for yourself in solice. I have noticed for myself that coffee and I no longer agree. It makes my body highly acidic the moment I drink it. I strictly drink tea now, with PH balanced water infused with negative ions. I’ve been entirely drawn away from meat to veggies, beans, nuts, fruit, fish, eggs with some chocolate thrown in for good measure. 😀 A girl’s gotta have her chocolate! The key is to listen to your body and honor what’s best for you. There is no right or wrong on this ascension journey, it’s what’s right for you, and you being in tune with whatever that is.

Take note not to pay attention to any fear mongering going on with future solar predictions. These hold no merit as the cosmos runs on its own schedule of events no one here can predict. Know that our galactic friends are here to ensure the best outcome, as they are highly invested as well. As I read those articles I just sloughed it off as conjecture. My intuition says, nope! And I always listen to my intuition. Other psychics confirm the same.

As this New Moon rushed in this morning I was awakened by a nauseated stomach. I felt a complete purge throughout the chakra system. Any old sludge that had gotten stuck from energetic build-up from toxic relationships was released! Gone! The solar plexus chakra and throat chakra are allowing you to step into your Goddess power, your Divine feminine and stand firm in your decisions and convictions. Know what you deserve and don’t settle. To wrap up this report .. it’s all about endings and new beginnings, embracing the new, closing old doors and allowing new ones to emerge. Set your intentions and allow this powerful Pisces New Moon to bridge the gap to your manifestated reality! Your Intuitive Guidance is strong now, be sure to listen. Your psychic powers are hightened now, so forsight is on your side. The cosmic energies are supporting you every step of the way when you’re aligned. See your full and big picture as the past has made you who you are, now your present is the time to put your skills, abilities and gifts to use in service of others. Your future unfolds as you continue to use the Law of Attraction to bring forth the New Earth timeline you wish to see and live in daily through a new holographic expression that is without interference. Old Earthly attachments fall away here, and all is blissful as we progress. Embrace, enjoy, step into the New!

As a side note: I will not be accepting any new clients until May. I am in the process of moving to my new space, and am focusing my energy in other directions for the month of April. So many exciting, new things on the horizon! I am anticipating the second quarter of 2018 to be one of great change and positive transformation!

Much love, and Happy Equinox/New Moon blessings.
Tiffany Stiles
Metaphysical Life Coach


4 thoughts on “New Moon In Pisces/Spring Equinox March 17th Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles

  1. dearest tiffany,

    you write such gorgeous posts that resonate deep within my soul. wishing you the best of the best on your move, and look forward to perhaps working with you in May.
    much love from this pisces girl here in seattle, Washington

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