Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Remember me reporting 2018 is the “11” Master Universal Year” (2+0+1+8=11)?

On January 20th, the Sun shifted into Aquarius, ruler of the 11th House of the Zodiac… (11).

On January 31st, this rare Full Moon/Blood Moon/Blue Moon will take rise in the sky at 11° Leo, activating an incredibly rare 11-11-11 portal of abundance, continuing the 11:11 Master Energy upgrades to master your gifts and abilities.

The message couldn’t be clearer with the 11 Master Energy, that you are co-creating with the Universal Divine flow, creating your reality, and have the cosmic back-up to manifest whatever you wish this year!! Yes, it’s that powerful, as this 11:11 Master Energy- energetic pulse continues to ripple through from January 1st, all the way to January 31st. Oh, it doesn’t stop there…. as this is an 11 Universal Master “Year”- as I reported on previously. This entire year will be the one you learn how to master your gifts and abilities, specifically how you’re “manifesting your reality.” You will be continually tested on your manifestation skills in 2018 as you create your reality very quickly making it difficult to ignore YOU ARE the Master of your creations. This teaches responsibility in how, and what you’re creating/manifesting in your life.


This full moon lunar eclipse in Leo provides powerful energy to transform whatever you want in your life, and even reinvent yourself if you wish. This can cause some emotional ups and downs with a double dose of feminine energy due to two full moons this month; both extremely powerful manifestation portal moons with 11:11 energies. The August 21st solar eclipse in Leo brought some things to light, and to the surface that will resurface on the Lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31st. This is a most auspicious time to finally release the shackles on whatever has been holding you back!

Leo is the sign that is ruled by the Sun. With the lunar eclipse in play, this will bring shadow work into focus. Those dark parts of self that you’ve not accepted, merged, learned to love… Now’s the time to make friends with your shadow self and obtain the balance you’ve been searching for. This will require introspection, time alone, self love and self care. Self love encompasses the whole you/soul you. Take this time for you to pamper yourself, and take care of you and don’t worry about pleasing others in this process, it’s time to take care of yourself. Leo being backed by the sun affects the solar plexus chakra (our free will center). You may be feeling some pangs in your stomach, or nausea, as the solar plexus chakra expands your ability to stand up for yourself, speak from your heart and communicate those boundaries to those who have been overstepping them.

This energy backed by the sign of Leo, will give you the assertiveness you need to break free of anything, or anyone you feel has been holding you back.

By aligning with this energy, you have the power to shift your life in a whole new direction! Use this energetic flow to serve you wisely, as Leo’s negative aspects can raise your ego if easily triggered. What is triggered requires your focus and attention to work through to the root cause of the triggers.

The key lesson this energy shows us is to remain humble, grateful, focus on self love, self care and transform yourself using the power of the sun in Leo. Use the Full Moon Lunar eclipse to regain the balance in your life you’ve been searching for. This merges the Divine feminine/masculine aspects more in a cohesiveness that’s been lacking for many.

As we move into February, the 2 energy of February amplifies 11 (2018) Master Energy, and so the energetic pulse continues to remind us at all times to focus on our thoughts and what we’re creating as a result of those thoughts. Keep it positive.. and you shall reap the rewards of those positive intentions in your life. See your introspective thoughts through your higher self to notice negative patterns, or programming that needs shifted.

Sending much love light and blessings on your continued journey.
Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach

The Mystical Lotus LLC ©


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