Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Shift Update~ by Tiffany Stiles

The plasma bursts continue! We have been receiving these plasma bursts of energy for a little over two weeks straight now in which I’ve reported on in my previous Energy Reports.

The internal thermostat is definitely getting a workout still, so is my house thermostat! Plasma heats the body on a cellular level. This is causing the Merkabah to spin rapidly! This began after the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness right before Christmas. After the Golden Ray was infused permanently with Christ Consciousness energy the plasma bursts in the next step in DNA upgrades…and here we go! The body really heats up during sleep which makes it very uncomfortable to get rest. Body sweats are accompanying this. You might even think you’re running a fever the body feels so hot, even to the touch. Then we have extreme cool downs where you’re freezing and can’t get warm. The other evening before bed I had on socks, slippers, sweat pants, sweat shirt and a blanket and was still freezing. I go to bed and I’m burning up hot…. Turn on the A/C one minute, turn on the heat the next. It’s a challenge getting comfortable.

There are hormonal recalibrations going on that began about 7 months ago. It’s not just women, men are feeling the heat too, so this tells me this is plasma bursts!

For me personally, when my Kundalini rose in 2012 my body would vibrate from the inside out. It’s an unnerving feeling as you have no control over these body vibrations emitting from the inside out. You just breathe through it. It’s not scary, just unnerving as it’s not something the human body ever does on a regular basis. This is purely quantum! During that time I do recall my body heating up, but not like this. Others I’ve spoken with who have had their Kundalini rise, also note having those inner body vibrations as it rose through the chakras. This plasma energy may activate your Kundalini to rise, if you’re experiencing it now, please comment below.

Crystalline energy comes with plasma on this shift which continues to fire up those magnetite crystals in the brain. This is rewiring neuro pathways in the brain to balance right brain, left brain, male/female, and balance polarity. I believe men are experiencing this right now more than women as the Divine feminine merges fully into the being. Women may experience this as being more assertive when previously they weren’t able to set clear boundaries, and now they can…easily.

The past lifetime fragments continue to present themselves to be integrated and healed. These fragmented parts of soul (past lifetimes) reside in parallel universes which run concurrent to this one. As each integrates and heals a new timeline emerges, you can call it a new parallel universe. When this occurs you may experience vertigo as the inner merkabah will spin faster to accommodate the soul fragment integration. This is huge right now to do this inner work with introspection as it arises. If not, these fragmented parts of self will continue to pop in and out manifesting a reality you’re not aware of from a distorted vibrational frequency. It’s distorted because it’s not healed. As all fragments integrate one by one, and this can occur very quickly through the 3rd eye, you increase further in vibrational frequency. You merge and collapse your own timelines and wipe the slate clean on lineages of family karma. As this happens your Consciousness raises. Your higher self becomes your best friend, and the only one you consult for advice and guidance. Now you are manifesting your reality from the Divine template. Now you are fully aware of your creations. Now you manifest with purely heart chakra energy through the vibrational frequency of unconditional love.

Those fragmented parts of the soul from past lifetimes that do pop in and out create through fear, lack, guilt and lower distorted vibrational frequency. They create a reality that’s not so great, which can be confusing to one who says, I’m cognizant of my thoughts. I know how to manifest. But you really don’t know until you’ve created a reality you don’t want. You take full responsibility for your creation and you learn from it. This more than likely is a past lifetime that needs healed and integrated. This is a trial and error challenge until you master it. That’s what 2018 is all about which I wrote about leading up to this year. This is the year we all learn to Master our Metaphysical abilities, and especially how we are manifesting our realities. We will learn how to master our co-created Unity Consciousness reality once it is individually mastered. It takes practice, acknowledgment, taking fully responsibility of your creations and being responsible for the energy you send out into the Universe. It takes detaching from things that would trigger you and cause a lower vibrational reaction. It’s walking away rather than engaging. It’s reacting in the opposite way of how you might be triggered and creating a new pattern that assists you in creating from the Divine template of Christ Consciousness/unconditional love for yourself and humanity as a whole. As many of you have noticed as I wrote about the Energetic Pulse shifting on New Year’s Eve in prior Energy Reports, it has! We are manifesting our physical realities very quickly now…. almost instantaneously! So to Master this ability and how you are creating is key.

Pay attention to the synchronisities to guide you, they are super abundant right now! And the abundance gates have flung wide open for everyone! If you align your Frequency to this through unconditional love, gratitude, and giving without expectations, you will be abundantly blessed as it will flow right back to you, immediately!

We have a full moon/blue moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo coming up on January 31st which I will write about more in an upcoming Energy Report. This lunar eclipse is going to be a powerful one for many! Leo is ruled by the sun which is masculine energy. The full/blue moon (2 full moons in one month) means 2x the feminine energy. So you can expect more of the Divine feminine to step up front and center to continue to balance this long awaited energy.

So here we go onward and upward on this physical body ascension journey of Higher Consciousness through the Rainbow portal!

Sending much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey.💞❣️💞

Love, Tiffany~  Metaphysical Life Coach
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7 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles January 8th, 2018

  1. Oh my goodness I’m so thankful to have read this!! Since literally, right before Christmas, I have been experiencing night sweats in my sleep that are so severe, I’ve been changing my night clothes 3-5x a night, sleeping on towels, and going thru sheets like crazy! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post, for the answer to what I’ve been experiencing, and so many beautiful, uplifting words!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely feel the same with the lower internal vibration at this time and the extreme heating up especially in my face. My skin is sore and spotty at the moment to and over sensitive. I have suffered vertigo on and off for the last few months. Hoping everything will settle down soon.
    Much love Cath x


  3. Thank you Tiffany, I really appreciate your updates.
    On Sunday here in Australia … a horrible day … massive heat wave, hottest days on record here in Sydney and all over. Add to that internal body heat hotter than ever before and Kundaluni ball of fire sitting at the base of my neck, spreading over my shoulders and pulsing hard core energy into the lower area of my head, dreadfull headace, I could feel little balls of energy travelling around my head and 3rd eye area … a bit scary at times as it has a mind and path of its own when it’s on the move. So I just try to relax and go with it. The Kundalini fire has never ventured so high before … I hope its nearing the end of this rising for me soon, its been 7 years clearing me out.
    Tiffany, can I please have your thoughts on this Kundalini Rising journey for me.
    💜 thank you 💜
    Bronwyn D


  4. Hi Tiffany, l have been experiencing everything you’ve mentioned here.
    Vibrating from the inside would wake me up, unnerved me the first time!
    I think you could fry and egg on my body LOL!!
    Totally understand what is going on, and yes, my higher self is my best friend.
    Really love your energy updates.
    Thank you.


  5. hi tiffany – nice to read your post – I am having intense heat and coolness things – waking up wet with perspiration  and even during the day – massively hot and sweaty – eurk – and recently feeling v cold inside and out – have been going through these hot moments now for years but never like this – not so intense – when I started all this ascension stuff the internal vibration really freaked it was – — I think it can be scary if you don’t know and when I started this not much was being written about  so it was a massive learning thing for me – integrating aspects and clearing – been going on for years and years actually !!   this last few months though majorly worse – so much more going on – weird abdomen stuff – clearing –  implants, energetic parasites, bugging devices etc etc –   not sure how im still up and running – my sleep patterns all to pot too !!!!   phew – so far nothing much positive to say about any of it but still hoping ……thanks again for updates reassuring !!!susie

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