Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

We have Gamma Rays coming in that started about 2 hours ago. These bring on sleep, Third Eye visions, vivid dreams and astral travels.

Earlier today we got another boost in Energy from another Schumann Resonance spike! This elevated social interactions and communications were smooth and seamless. Some may still be feeling this Energy spike depending on where you are in the world.

Last night…. no sleep. I tossed and turned, I was burning up hot with more plasma bursts that came in, couldn’t get comfortable and I was dehydrated. I drank an entire liter of water last night! About to do the same again!

Tonight that’s going to be a different story. The gamma rays affect pineal gland production of melatonin for sleep, serotonin for mood balancing, and DMT for Third Eye visions and dreams. I’ll be going to bed early tonight. I can barely keep the eyelids open now and it’s only 7:36pm here. Gamma also boosts intuition, psychic abilities and instant Manifestation. Keep your thoughts positive!

Be sure to keep a journal by your bedside to jot down any important dream reminders so you don’t forget when you’re awake. A lot of times our past lifetimes will show up with Gamma Ray activity for healing and integrating.

Much love, and sweet dreams.
Tiffany~ 💞


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