I was talking with a friend last night, Michelle Walling, about dating in this transitional phase between 3D, 4D & 5D. We even discussed possibly doing a video. So I just wanted to throw this out there, and see where the dating pulse is at with all of you singles ready to mingle in the dating world of 5D transition….

Being inter-dimensional, wide awake and fully immersed into Metaphysics/Quantum Physics doesn’t make it easy in the world of dating. You’re to a point where connecting with someone on an intellectual level becomes priority, as boring, mundane conversation just doesn’t work anymore here. You want to meet your equal, grow together, support one another in each one’s Service To Others Professions.

You want to meet someone who’s done the amount of work on themselves as you have, so they can meet you where you are in a cohesiveness high vibrational frequency. You want to meet someone who is cognizant of their energy and how it affects others. You are to a point in your growth that there is non attachment, but complete unconditional love, and you require the same in return from a partner. Being jealous, controlling, or making it all about you doesn’t work here anymore.

Of course it is still important to have that initial physical attraction, but if the rest isn’t there- the whole package, well it’s just a waste of time here. I for one, am tired of the inauthenticity that “most” men I meet, still to this day, carry due to a lack of self confidence. Being non judgemental, and accepting of each one’s path leaves the door open for complete transparency. However, most guys will still try to lie to boost themselves up to a woman they’re interested in. Why, please tell me men, because it all comes out eventually anyway, right? Then there’s some explaining to do. I’ve got to say, here where telepathy is the norm, and reading energy is a daily occurrence, I can see right through the BS! Being honest and up front is the best way to go. Build trust from day one! The world of dating has become absolutely ridiculous when “most” men, and I say most because it’s not all men, just want a hook up, and it’s all about sex. Yes, I know, some women are doing the same. When you’ve reached a level where sex is an intertwining of energies, and a complete unity bonding experience, someone who comes at you with hook up lingo gets the door slammed in their face! Quite frankly, women are tired of dick pics and zero depth. Contrary to what guys think, that DOESN’T turn a woman on. It turns a woman OFF! (For the majority of women anyway).

Most women who have transitioned to a Service To Others Profession work from home, don’t get out much, and are workaholics in their plight to assist humanity, emersed in their soul purpose and mission. Where do you meet another enlightened partner, especially if you’re in a rural area? Us women are stumped! Dating apps are a joke, and a complete waste of time from my own personal experience. I’ve had men tell me the same thing from their perspective with all the games some women play. Knock it off already! Because while you’re out there playing games with men, you give strong women who don’t a slim chance to none. After a GOOD guy has been dumped on time and time again he tends to close his heart up which makes it impossible to connect on a higher level. L

Empaths, both men and women, seem to attract the narcissists into their field for karmic reasons, and to teach the narcissists humility and empathy, which rarely works. A lot of time is wasted in these relationships, as Empaths come to realize the narcissists never change. Finally, the Empath recognizes the narcissists from a mile away, and no longer lends their time, or energy to these stagnant, volatile relationships. It’s beyond frustration to an Empath to keep attracting this type into their field. Like moths drawn to a flame. Life Coaches tend to attract the broken soul whose life is a complete disaster. And the Life Coach spends more time coaching than being in an equal partnership. Who wants to work all day Coaching, then have to do it in their relationship too? NOT!


Being at this juncture in the Ascension process.. the energy shall align to unite two souls in the most auspicious, unexpected way. You set the very specific intention about what you wish to manifest in a partner, and you let it go. Put it on your vision board even!

IN5D relationships are so different in what partners value in one another. And once this shift fully occurs, enlightened souls will have the most beautiful relationships. All the junk and baggage is gone! Most of these souls I’ve spoken with disagree with the institution of marriage. And even for some, if they meet that equal partner, they still want to have their own scared space, not living together; some do, some don’t. They want a fully committed, loving relationship that has mutual respect and support on the same vibrational frequency.

There are so many souls looking to share their love with an equal partner. Their hearts are just bursting at the seems! 💞 And yet, there are so many souls already in a loving relationship, in which they take one another for granted, and don’t put in the time, energy, or effort to keep the relationship alive and Blissful. And so it dissolves. If you’ve got one of these relationships already, be blessed that you do. Give 100% to the relationship to keep it alive and Blissful, because trust me…. you don’t want to date. It’s not easy.

Who else can add to this? Both men and women please comment below. I know men who are enlightened, and have done massive amounts of work on themselves to get to a good place, feel the same way and are tired of the shallowness they get from some women in the dating world. These men want an equal partner as well.


After some searching I found a Conscious Dating Website! It’s called AscendingHearts.com. To get started Click Here!  

If you’re single and ready to mingle with Conscious Souls, this is a fantastic site to connect with liked-minded people. 

Or who knows, maybe there will be a sparked connection made right here in the comments section. Ya never know. Please let your voice be heard. What you have to say is valuable. 💞

Please comment below. Let’s keep it respectful and supportive. Sharing information is meant to assist one another to gain clarity. 💞

Much love & many blessings for love to walk into your life! ~ Tiffany ❣️

Metaphysical Life Coach



8 thoughts on “I Don’t Date ~ I Elevate! Dating In The Transitional Phase of 3D, to 4D to 5D

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person that feels like this. I couldn’t have put this to words in a better fashion, you nailed it Tiffany.


  2. I don’t have anything to add but I have to completely agree with you. I’ve been single for 6 years…my previous 3 relationships were naturally with narcissists. One more than the other. I have many many offers for sexual encounters and as sexual as I am, I’m not interested in sharing my body with just anyone just because I need physical interaction. I’m hoping my blessings await me, and my true love will find me soon. In spite of everything I’ve Bern put through by the narcissists, I still believe in love…and he’s out there preparing for me.

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    1. I am open and looking forward to love with a soul on the same path and who is of a vibrational match to my own. I’m putting it all out there energetically to find my “person”.
      I long ago made the decision not to ever again settle for anyone or anything less than that… it just doesn’t work. He’s out there looking for me… I feel it and I’ve connected with him in my dreams and when we wrapped our arms around each other and our faces touched, it felt like “home”… a Love I’ve never know before… our energies and souls intertwined, energetically molding and meshing into one… like connecting the puzzle pieces and every void filled. I’m so ready for you to finally find me. 💫❤️💫

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  3. Yes this goes both ways… as an ascending male looking for an empathic like minded woman and not having to explain to her what living more and more in a 5d world is about is challenging…especially like you I live on an Island (maui) where the number of possibilities are small to start with…gonna check that website…Mahalo for your postings and presence

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    1. I can relate to all of this. I don’t date either, simply because there is no one TO date. I do not speak from judgment here, simply that the men (I meet) are not healed enough to their divine masculine selves. They are not empowered. The majority of them are like man children, afraid of their own shadows – and they are asleep. At this point in my journey I can only enter into partnership with someone who reflects Me, as my divine feminine self. I have worked hard to get here, fully awakened heart and consciousness.. settling for less is not an option. Thank you for talking about this ♡

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