Ginger cat’s represent individuality. Although affectionate they don’t like being smothered with affection by having their owners pick them up, or be cuddled. This could subconsciously relate to your personality as well of not liking to be smothered, or controlled in your relationships. This breed of cat also relates to being very laid back, and sometimes downright lazy! Do you make a list and check it twice, or fly by the seat of your pants at the last minute to get things done? If the latter, this could be your confirmation to procrastinate less, and plan a little more in advance to reduce the stress in your life. This kitty has his paw over his eye. Are you seeing things from all perspectives to have a greater understanding of the larger picture? Or are you viewing things just your own line of sight? If the latter, this is confirmation to begin bringing a wider range of perspectives into view to gain the larger picture. This will benefit all relationships in your life, especially at work.


Grey Tuxedo Cat indicates a friendly, vocal and smart personality. This may relate to you in your ingenuity, and ability to be original and not copy what others do, but make your mark in your own way. This cat shows that you love to be social, and would much rather prefer to be around family, and a group of friends vs. being alone. This may be confirmation that it is time to plan a social event to get everyone together for some fun and festivities! It also may indicate it’s time to slow down and be in your here and now. Some introspection may be in order to process some things you’ve put on the back burner. The grey tuxedo kitty has his paws over his ears. Are you listening to hear, or listening to respond when others are talking with you? Active listening is mirroring back what another has said to provide validation it has been heard correctly, and not misunderstood. This may also indicate you’re not feeling like you’re being heard. This will require you to speak up in those times to make sure you are being heard to have your needs met by a caring partner, family member or friend.


Tabby cat says that you have a very selective pallet when it comes to your friends. You’d rather have 1-3 best friends who are loyal vs. many friends who are just acquaintances. Tabby cats can be moody at times with their sensitive nature, this may relate to your personality as well. Tabby’s can get attached to things, and become very annoyed if they are denied these things. They are very routine oriented, and do the same activities at the same times of day. This may be your confirmation to step outside of your comfort zone, and do something totally out of character to see where this leads you. It also may be confirmation that it is time to do some cleaning out of things you’ve might have held on to that you don’t need, or use anymore. Donating these items to someone, or an organization who can get some good use out of them will provide a sense of satisfaction. This Tabby kitty has his paw over his mouth. Are you communicating your needs to those around you? Or are you keeping quiet to keep the peace? This may be your confirmation that it is time to set some clear boundaries with those who are overstepping your boundaries. Speak up and allow your voice to be heard. By speaking from your heart center, you’re more likely to be heard and understood having your needs met.

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey.

Tiffany~ ❣️💝❣️


5 thoughts on “Pick A Kitty For A Message!

  1. I dreamt last night Tiffany about 4 cat’s. 3 black and white and a ginger one that was mine. So it is synchronisation at it’s best waking up to your post this morning.
    Much love


  2. Thank you Tiffany it is no surprise I was drawn to number 3 as this week I’m actively clearing out the final Solar Plexus remnants of a past life contract of self-abnegation. A number of opportunities have been coming up since Sunday to speak out and stop the old ways, especially with my parents. What I’m seeing though, is that I have to be overly assertive at times and actually interrupt their flow in order, as otherwise these people haven’t listened to me when I’ve asked politely. Difficult to voice at times, as I continue to speak my truth now and what a gift to clear it out this week! 🙂 xx


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