Collective Consciousness is purging all toxic emotions/ancient karmic timelines since the Annunaki timeline collapsed 4-5 days ago. When a timeline collapses collectively, it affects the collective. Be patient with yourselves and others while the new one emerges. 

Things are surfacing “fast” to be healed, released and let go. I mentioned things are in an “accelerated” shift right now through the end of the year. This may throw some in a depressed state, or agitated state with zero patience…. until all surfaces for you that’s been held within deep cellular programming. Embrace it and go with it. Don’t fight it, or the more uncomfortable it will be for you. 

If this is you…ask yourself, what is surfacing to acknowledge and break free of right now?  Timelines are popping up like, bam, bam, bam to choose the outcome, heal, and collapse it… Just like that! This releases massive amounts of ancient karma! The collective is experiencing this now. 

This shift may cause relationships to end “quickly,” which are no longer a vibrational match. 

Family issues will be brought up for review and discussion that are dysfunctional. Some of these relationships may move in another direction as well. 

Relationship patterns will be brought up for review to understand from your higher self. This will collapse the programming into healthier future relationships. 

Nothing is off the table, all is up for review! And this will happen in an accelerated fashion, rather than having to move through it for years. 

When I say accelerated shift, that is putting it mildly. Things are moving along very quickly now!! And this is a Good Thing! 

For those who have collapsed their personal timelines and merged all to one, you will be experiencing a whole other reality right now. That is one of peace, unconditional love, and bliss! A zero point to rest, play and contemplate your next leap which is your personal free will choice! 

Everyone will get there that puts in the work necessary. Take solace in knowing it won’t take years now. Instead, it’s days, hours, or minutes.  That’s the great news! 

If you missed the latest Energy Report that explains what is occurring through this shift, please click here. 

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Here is just “one” of  the hundreds of comments from the Facebook post that provides confirmation that this shift is well underway! 

As always, please share what you are experiencing below. I always love to hear from you! 

Sending much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 

~Tiffany 💝❣️💝

Metaphysical Life Coach

4 thoughts on “Energy Shift Update~ “Shit Just Got Real!” by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Gia is really cleansing…Monday night some of the biggest thunderstorms ever moved through Maui…entire Island was washed with sheets of rain for hours and all power on the Island was knocked out till next day


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