Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles
Yesterday we had a major shift come in. In the afternoon many may have felt shakey, confused, off balance. In the evening the shift swooped in so quickly it could not be ignored. It may have stopped you in your tracks to take notice of your “reality.” There was a massive increase in vibrational frequency that swept through the collective consciousness. Did you feel it?
I purposely did not post this Energy Update last night, and instead did a little test. I posted a simple message that said: “How many Beautiful Souls are in my reality right now vibrating at the same frequency? If you can see this, that’s you!”
I purposely didn’t say what frequency I was speaking of because I wanted to see who “Felt The Shift” sweep in like a wave of a massive unloading of toxic energy all at once! WHOOSH!  CLEAR! And this could have affected each in their own way:
You may have felt love exploding from your heart center and the utmost gratitude.
You may have felt the unwavering need to forgive yourself, or someone else.
You may have had some major Ah Ha moments that changed your perception about everything you thought you knew.
You may have been pulled to something specific online, to see at that very moment which caused a ripple effect that lasted for you all night researching, reading, learning.
You may have felt a timeline collapse in an instant from a parallel universe, or lifetime that merged that fragmented part of self with now.
You may have been brought to review past patterns in your relationships that didn’t take hours, but instead “minutes” to See them from your higher self, and see the bigger picture and the role you played in it. At that moment, a new, healthier pattern emerged for your future.
You may have been brought to being very cognizant of your words, your emotions and your thoughts and stopped yourself from going negative. And instantly moved to a positive thought flow knowing you will co-create your reality very quickly now.
This shift merged higher heart with higher self, and brought cosmic downloads to you to See everything from a different, and a new perspective. You are being brought into “your truth”, “your reality”, “your authentic self.” And you are no longer afraid to show that authentic self to the world. It no longer matters what anyone else thinks about you, because you understand that is a projection of their un-authentic self (ego). It has absolutely nothing to do with you.
Now today, the Energy is off the charts positive, uplifting, creative, loving, compassionate. If you’re not feeling this, ask yourself what you are holding onto that you’re refusing to acknowledge, or let go of?
We are in an accelerated shift where things will begin to unfold for you very quickly now. Everything has sped up in how it occurs, and that includes you instantly manifesting “your reality.”
Ask your Guides for assistance in understanding what is being shown to you if you are unclear. They will happily oblige if their assistance is requested.
You may feel like you are in a protective bubble right now, and are at your zero point. A cross roads of sorts. You may feel like something huge is on the horizon and can happen at any time. But this something feels wonderful and exciting, not fearful at all. For here in this zero point there is “zero fear.” This is where you receive the opportunity to choose which way you want to proceed. You have the choice to do whatever you wish. And this will be a complete 180 from what direction you may have thought you were going in. Know this is your choice, and yours alone. There is zero outside interference here. Here, there is nothing holding you back, but you. So take that leap whatever that is for you! No more holding on, or holding back.
There is SOOOO Much LOVE flowing through the quantum field right now, this is where the magic and miraculous happens flowing on this most high vibrational frequency! Your interdimensional selves are being brought back “online.” Your key codes are being unlocked! Your DNA is recalibrating once again to a higher cosmic connection. Your merkabah is spinning fast in “your Christ Consciousness within” activating your crystalline light body. The God Particle of Source is Lighting up “WITHIN YOU.” The separation is gone!
The last three months of 2017 will fly by through this accelerated shift. Make note of 11/11-12/12 and 12/21 yet to come. Be in your here and now and IN-JOY this most Ahhhmazing time! Play and have fun! Allow the joy of your inner child to come out and play with new eyes to see.
Sending much love, light and abundant blessings to you all on your continued journey.


On a side note… I’m curious to see who’s had different Hz frequencies on their mind? I’ve seen a lot of this 432Hz flying around. This is a lower vibrational frequency. You want to be focused on 528Hz or higher!

On another side note…Whose got their crystals on their mind, AND the vibrational frequency each vibrates at? Has anyone had the curiosity to find the correlation of each chakra and the frequency at which it vibrates?

Has anyone researched the Chakra Centers of the Earth and where they’re located? How many there are?

How about the 13 crystal skulls?

How about where the center of all of these vortexes merge on Earth, to one Zero Point?

As always, please share your experiences below. I’d love to hear from you!


Love, Tiffany ~


12 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles 

  1. Namaste! I certainly felt the major shift and so did the two friends I had lunch with yesterday. However, there were also some physical symptoms of exhaustion, sinus pressure,lack of appetite, and palpitations. Perhaps we were also feeling the coming “M.1-Class” solar flare that arrived last night.

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    1. Please do not misunderstand my reply, perhaps I am hugely missing the point of life at this time, but with all this light and love, how come we have people starting despicable fires in California using dangerous off world space weaponry and harp, these people are still very active, I am very surprised that if the energies are so highly vibrational that dark is still functioning as actively and doing so much real harm? It is good to focus on the good, however a freedom fighter and humanitarian cannot just turn away and ignore these heinous crimes, just how long are we going to have to deal with the tyranny foisted on this planet its peoples and the wonderful animal and plant kingdoms and of course sea creatures.?


      1. It was Friday evening and into Saturday that I felt an increased positive energy. My focus is on Love and sending light with my Global Reiki. Tiffani, I can feel your marvellous gift and your great generosity in sharing this gift with all who discover your talents. And Jane, it is our Father who is in charge and He is everywhere. My sense is that this last burst of chaos and darkness is being defeated. That awful kingdom is coming down very soon. xoxoxo Love, Tilly.


  2. Hello,

    I certainly felt a shift last night and all through today but it was in the form of high pitch ringing sound in my left ear and lightheadedness along with fatigue/exhaustion. Any ideas?


  3. Bless and thankyou accurate on so many levels..collectively and is incredible what has been happening in these last month’s, in wonderful to receive so much confirmation,support,guidance and love through literal downloads happening all over the globe,then ti hear about other sensitives receiving the is so wonderful..this particular update had me leaping for joy this morning..I felt it yesterday,hugely and i did hsve an incredible insight that left me researching the night and confirmed a major,if not biggest fundamental issue in my life and was love and light..abundant blessings


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