Beautiful Souls, 

Last evening I was having a conversation with someone, a male. A mutual friend had introduced us.  Prior to this I went to use the restroom. I could tell the last time we talked he was smitten with me. And although this person is a kind soul with a good heart, I excuse myself to use the restroom, this time to have a private conversation with my husband telepathically.  While I’m in there I say, I do not want a relationship. I just want to be friends. It would be fabulous to have a “figurative big brother.” I come out of the restroom, sit back down,… and my beautiful husband had been on my mind all night. I even showed my friend his picture. (He passed on in 2011). 

When I return from the restroom my friend all of the sudden gets tears in his eyes… then crying, profoundly touched, I can see it in his eyes, on his face. He said, he felt my husband touch him. He said, my husband said, “Protect Her.” Just at that exact moment, this person went into friend/protective mode. “Tiffany, please take my number. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call me. I don’t care what time of the day or night it is.” He persisted until I put his number in my phone. He said, I’ve NEVER had a spirit come to me before EVER with tears streaming down his face. He was profoundly touched by the spirit realm. He couldn’t put into words what just happened to him. I said, what did he say to you? He just looked at me wiping tears from his eyes, and said, give me a moment to collect my thoughts. I said, absolutely, take all the time you need. (I know how it feels). He took several moments, and said he said, protect her, be a good friend to her. The tears just wouldn’t stop coming down his face. I said, he gave you a download of information didn’t he? He showed you. He shook his head yes. 

Many of you know, my husband was a police officer killed in the line of duty. So you can see why he would pop in spirit form and say, “Protect Her!”. “Be a good friend.” And, always, when I speak to my husband telepathically in daily moments, I say this or that, he hears every word I say…always! And he will give me firm confirmation that he did in fact hear me. This is one of those times. 

It is a beautiful thing to witness someone else being touched by the spirit realm for the very first time right before your eyes, and how it changes someone. Not many people get that opportunity, this was the very first time I saw it with my own eyes. I feel so blessed I was given this brief moment in illusionary time to see how someone else is touched by the all encompassing love of the true spirit of a loved one passed, just exactly how it effected me the very first time. I told my friend, he often has this affect on people when he touches them. Not only did he have that affect while he was alive in a physical body, he still has the same affect in spirit form on whoever he comes to. 

It is time to give my guide/guardian some face time once again. He is always remembered, and never forgotten. NEVER! I love him dearly. Although our relationship is not the same as it was while he was here as husband and wife, it is more beautiful in so many ways that cannot be described in earthly terms for anyone to understand unless you’ve been touched the same way, then only you can understand. 

We had an iron clad soul contract with each other, and there was not one thing that was going to stand in the way of fulfilling this contract on either one of our parts. We had many previous lifetimes together, and before we both incarnated in this lifetime, we had a long talk with each other before incarnating here in physical form of HU-man. He said, this time you WILL REMEMBER, I WILL REMEMBER. We will not waste this lifetime, as this one is too precious. We cannot waste it and do it again, this time it is it! He said, we are going to teach each other some valuable lessons, none of it will be easy, and we will have some of the most beautiful memories to cherish when I’m gone, and I will be the one to exit Earth before you to allow you to continue on with your mission, your souls purpose. You will not understand why I die until I come back in spirit form and tell you. When he did come back to me in spirit form there was no mistaking it was him. He is such a strong presence! He showed me how it felt when he was being revived (three times), and having his soul snapped back into his body. Saying, NO IT IS MY TIME TO GO, STOP BRINGING ME BACK! He showed me how it felt to have your free will taken away. You have no choice, no voice, and others are making decisions for you. It was the most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever had a spirit show me and allow me to feel what they felt. He showed me when it is your destined time to exit this planet, NOTHING will stop those chain of events from taking place. Nothing. For it is all predestined before we got here.
There are a few of you here on my page whom I’ve never met in person, but when I post his photo every now and then, he comes to you. You’ve told me the messages he gives you, like me. You are touched in a way no other spirit had touched you. This is what I witnessed in person last night. 

I love you Dan, always and forever through infinity. Through infinite realms of existence, and through the parallel universes and timelines you have shown me. From the other side, you are my guide, protector, best friend, and everything you had a difficult time saying to me in the physical form is no problem now. I am beyond blessed to have had you in my life for 20 years physically, and I’m beyond blessed to have you now in spirit as a guide. You have been my biggest support system in this entire journey. I cannot thank you enough for touching the people you did while you were here physically, and I can’t thank you enough for still doing the same thing in spirit. 

Love, Tiffany ❣️

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