Major downloads came in last night through the Crown and Third Eye chakras during “Twilight Rest.” There was no REM sleep last night for me- zero! What amazing visions I received! It makes my heart feel great! These all revolved around “Star Children,” and I was shown how they are touching everyone on this planet now. This is the second night in a row that these visions of New Earth children have shown me in visions so much!

I’ve seen before that I am a Metaphysical teacher in a new Metaphysical school for these star children on New Earth, which I have spoken of before. The day before last my husband had been on my mind. When I went to sleep the night before, I was “In School” with the children. I didn’t tell the children I was a bit sad missing the physical presence of my husband, THEY ALREADY KNEW. As the school day got started each one came up to me, and handed me a picture they made to cheer me up, looked at me and said, I love you Miss Tiffany. (telepathically) The love these children emit is astronomical! You can see their LIGHT. It instantly heals All! I felt it in my meditative state of twilight sleep, and I felt completely transformed afterwards that carried through and hasn’t stopped. ❣️💝❣️

Many now are experiencing different timelines presenting themselves to you to heal and collapse. This will instantly clear your karma in that lifetime or timeline. Embrace these as they come forth to you, as you will eventually come to your zero point of them merging to one. I am at my one now, and I can tell you it’s beautiful!

On another note, the body also was clearing toxins, and residual guilt at the same time from the Sacral chakra. I had to get up to urinate 12 times last night! Anyone else? The body was on fire last night with a lot of sweating.

Also, I have had many women report that their PMS is off the charts, when it never really affected them before. More strong Emotions are bubbling to the surface to be released during cycles. Many women also report they are experiencing menopausal symptoms and they’ve already been through menopause.

Everytime I laid back down to rest I was flooded with visions. Today the Energy feels like a major “breakthrough” has occurred for many, which has pushed them over the proverbial hump. Today creativity is abundant, so create from your heart space and what brings you joy, then share it! You will receive a fantastic boost of energy today to get anything done you’ve put off due to previous integrations. The juices are flowing. Make good use of what comes to you during these times. The Crown and Third Eye are wide open!

(There is a massive cleansing that is taking place on Earth now. Know that this was agreed upon with all parties involved before incarnating.)

As always, please share what you’re experiencing below in the comments. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Much love, ~Tiffany ❣️🤗❣️

9 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Honestly I had a dream last night with visitors who could travel faster than light or sound. We were all bathing in a beautiful lake under moonlight. I have been waking up several times going to the bathroom – and unable to sleep for weeks now. When I woke up today the top of my head was hurting – nothing serious just tingling and a little raised up which has happened before. Thank you for sharing your gifts… when I read this I instantly felt comforted.


    1. Yesss thank you Tiffany!
      My body was burning, weird sad dreams, timelines collapsing I hope because I am stil not experiencing blissful visions,


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