I receive questions about death, heaven, what heaven is, the afterlife, what to expect when one’s physical body expires.
Let me start off by saying that organized religions have been created as a control mechanism to create obedience, fear, division, amongst the human race. Many, many, many people fear death because their soul does not remember that there is an afterlife. Religions have placed requirements that must be met to get into “heaven.” Is this true? No it is not. We are not only free will human beings, souls having a human experience, we are co-creators of our here and now, our future, our new Earth, and how we choose to exit this planet from physical form. The soul is everlasting, it never ceases to exist. What you learn throughout each lifetime incarnated either in physical form or non-physical form goes with your soul and carries forth through your akashic record, attached to the living library infinitely.

Each time I ask someone, how do you think you’re going to die? They immediately give me an answer as the soul knows. Now, with that being said, you know how your soul plans to exit this body, this was a choice that was made prior to this incarnated lifetime. You have the free will choice to change this reality and set the intention that, I will have no fear. When it is my time to go home, I accept this willingly. I know my guides, my angels and other souls who love me dearly are waiting to guide and assist me when this time comes. I know I have a preselected new dimensional reality that my soul will exist in. You say it, you set the intention, you put it away and let it go. You have no fears or worries. All is good. This could be many, many years from now, and that is fine, your intention has been set, and you will attract this reality into your time of exiting. Your guides and angels will direct you accordingly through the death portal to your new home. You are always divinely supported and cared for, know that.

Holding the vibration of the fear of death in essence creates physical illness and distress in the body until the physical body can no longer support your soul essence. The mind will deteriorate into dementia, then to Alzheimer’s to escape this fear reality as one example.

As another, if a traumatic event happens that shocks the soul to exit the physical body quickly, it can become confused and not know where to go due to holding onto this fear of dying. The soul becomes lost and wonders on the Earthly plane in lower dimensional frequencies. There are mediums who assist these souls home to their proper dimensional home These souls are not harmful, they are just lost, wonders until guided home. Once these souls understand that they have loving souls, guides, and guardians waiting for them through the death portal, and they are shown the way through love, they willingly and happily go onto their proper new dimensional home to continue on their path.

Is there Heaven? There are many realms of dimensional existence that are held in place by specific vibrational frequencies. The vibrational frequency you vibrate on at your soul level determines your dimensional home. If you vibrate at Unconditional Love, that is what you will experience. Is that what we call Heaven? That’s about as close as it gets. When you vibrate at this highest frequency of love and light, you will experience exactly the same. If you vibrate at hate, it’s time to change your reality here, so that your dimensional existence will also change when your soul exits.

God, A Higher Power, Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Jesus, Allah, whatever you choose to believe in is one’s personal choice. Each choice is respected by me, with no judgement. Humans have an innate connection to whatever higher powers that guide them on this journey. At the same time, know your free will is still intact, and that these higher powers exist in the most loving way to guide you on this path and journey.

Know to have no fear, to be thankful that your feet hit the floor each morning, or you wake with life in your body. That you chose to experience all you have thus far, and going forward to take with you when that time comes. And that you have been given a precious gift to experience the wide realm of physical emotions that only the soul can do in a human physical body in order to learn, grow and evolve. The key is to not waste your precious gift while here, but to take on the challenges that arise and meet them with tenacity, grace, humility, and with an understanding of the cosmic laws of the Universe.

Click Here for an article of when I assisted an Earth Bound Spirit home. 

Lovingly, Tiffany ~ 💖

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