Abundance flows through today with the 1010 portal open for manifestion, and to (exit the matrix). Keep your thoughts positive allowing your creative juices to flow. “Sparks” of New Ideas shall come to Light. Specific key codes in your DNA are unlocked through this portal to allow cosmic wisdom to come forth through the 3rd eye and crown chakras. (Think 3,6,9 – binary) Be open to the new as this last 3 months of 2017 will begin revealing the miraculous as new perspectives take shape through elevated levels of frequency through this 1010 portal, the 1111 (November 11th) portal, and the 1212 (December 12) portal.

The energy is highly charged today in a magnificent way! This energy can make you feel floaty, light, dizzy because of its high vibrational frequency, if you feel the need to ground and balance your energy, do so. You will feel your higher heart chakra expanding more to unite with your higher self. Last night we had that gas build up in the chest again which lasted about an hour, and can be very uncomfortable. Today the heart expands more, and this reaches to the hand and feet chakras too making them feel electrified! Electronics are acting up today as well with the high vibrational frequency blowing through. You’ll notice your phone battery draining quicker today.

Be sure to savor some Here & Now moments for synchronicities to present themselves today. The Universe will be lining up some perfect moments of synchronistic events with new doors opening. Specific people will appear to assist you on your next steps. These people will be of your soul tribe. And the familiarity you feel with them, and their energy will be your indication that the Universe has opened a new door for you. Don’t hesitate to walk through and step outside of your comfort zone. That which may have been fearful to you in the past has now fallen away as those timelines have collapsed to create your new here and now. Your here and now will change from day to day as timelines continue collapsing for you to eventually merge as one. This is where time is irrelevant and meaningless as it is an illusion. Past, present and future are one. This is also where you understand how to manifest and co-create your reality at any given time. When you see it as “already here”, it IS “Already Here!” Between now, and the 1212 portal you have the opportunity to step off into a new direction completely different from where you were, or are now. And you will feel this pull to do so strongly. Your opportunities are limitless!! I’m excited to see where this new energy is taking everyone on New Earth.

Much love,
Tiffany ❣️🤗❣️

Digital Art Work by Cameron Gray

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