Be Careful What You Wish For. It Might Come True…

Any soul/human being who has gone through the Ascension process will tell you that it sometimes felt like you were being gutted with a sharp filet knife over and over again. You will double over in intense pain not understanding why it’s happening but knowing intuitively that it’s for your greater good.  Without warning, every buried emotion from this life and past lives comes bubbling to the surface. While pain is part of the journey, so is developing an indescribable relationship with the Devine. If I could choose again knowing what I know now, I would still walk the road of Ascension.

I have a beautiful heart and I love soul/human beings but some time this year, I lost my way. I have been contemplating and meditating and soul searching to try to determine when I took a wrong turn or even if I took a wrong turn.  Is it possible that this was part of the grand plan?  I remember feeling completely lost and consumed by darkness.  Somewhere during the last several months, I lost me.

During the month of March, I divorced a parent. It was necessary for my soul’s growth but it does not mean that it was easy. I have lost both of my parents in less than one year. One by transitioning to the other side and the other by necessity as I needed to end the abuse.  When I walked away from the perpetrator of the abuse, it felt like someone plunged a dagger deep into my heart.

I remember one specific night when I was in bed curled up in a ball sobbing. I felt like there was nothing left of me. Somehow the vibrational match that I once had with the Devine felt lost. My thinking and beliefs became warped and I became inconsolable. This is the night I prayed and ask the Devine repeatedly to let me come home.

Curled up in a ball I asked over and over and over. I miss my father more than I ever thought possible, and in that moment, I wanted out of this body, out of this pain and out of this perceived insanity.

Be Careful What You Wish (Ask) For…

I told the Universe what I wanted and in a very short period of time, it manifested!! I found myself in the Intensive Care Unit with various doctors asking me question after question. They were doing their best to save my life and yet, the allergic reaction that caused my tongue to swell six times its’ normal size was blocking my esophagus. My oxygen levels were low and I was struggling to breath.

It’s interesting that the very tongue that begged for my demise was almost killing me.  It was allowing for the smallest amount of air to reach my lungs but no more.

I remember seeing Archangel Michael at the foot of the bed. I was struggling cognitively due to the excessive amount of drugs being injected into my system. I remember telling him that if it was my time, to please let me go peacefully. The irony was that I knew it wasn’t my time. I remember looking at him, and feeling his strength but not understanding why I felt so small.


I kept in touch with Tiffany Stiles sending email messages letting her know what I was experiencing. I was so incredibly afraid. A few days ago, Tiffany sent an email and reminded me about the night I had asked to go home. I never shared this with her. How could she have known? Tiffany Stiles, the woman who has patiently guided me through this Ascension process, and has understood my ups and downs.  Of course she knew!

What Tiffany Stiles Told Me Was This After Exchanging Other Personal Information With Me:

“This was a huge wake up call to you Julie to show you that you are an instant manifestor and you’re very powerful in this aspect! You said before many times, “I want to go home.” “I’m tired of being here.” “My soul is tired.” The universe heard you and decided to give you a wake-up call, that this is not your time! And to show you how truly powerful your words are! You have much work to do. You are an old, wise soul who has much wisdom to impart and implant into humanity now to assist many in their own light body ascension process. This is why you chose to come here now.

My guides are telling me, to tell you, to go outside and lay down on Mother Earth to allow the healing electromagnetic frequency to bathe your body in healing energy. To lay there at least 20 minutes daily until you are feeling your energy realign.
I love you dear si-star.  And I know this experience is going to catapult you into greatness when you’ve gained your full strength back.
As always, sending much love, light and blessings to you.”

I Love you, Tiffany ~ 💝❣️💝

Be careful what you wish for…

I am not me yet, but I’m slowly coming back into alignment. My physical body is tired. My mind is telling me, “3 months Julie.”  Make yourself your number one priority. Get your strength back. Take care of you first. Give yourself 3 months.” My soul received a massive wake up call!! Massive! I’m tied of pretending that I don’t matter. I do matter and so do you. The love of the Divine runs through my veins. I exist because the Divine wills me to exist. I am loved beyond any Earthly emotion. I remind myself of this fact every time I take a breath now.

I am also manifesting my reality. My reality is recognizing that every second is a miracle. I am laughing and feeling joy.  My reality is focused on living in the Now and choosing happiness, joy and love every second of every day. My reality is telling the beautiful soul/human beings in my life how much I love them and how much they mean to me. My reality is manifesting a good life. My cognitive distortions have been minimized while the excitement for my life has escalated!

I love you. I do not need to meet people in the physical realm to know you. I feel your energy. I know without a doubt that there is someone reading this that is struggling in the same manner.  Please reach out for help.


You’re not alone. We’re never alone! Maybe, just maybe, I had to face this mountain to show you that anything can be moved if you believe.


From my heart to yours in love,

Julie Ann Lindeen