Another sleepless night after 2 days of pure exhaustion (photon energies), and wanting to rest/sleep/chill. We are back on Gamma frequency…for now.. wide awake and pulsating with energy. This switching of frequencies will continue up to  Summer Solstice here in the Northern  hemisphere in preparation for fragmented soul recall/merging from many lifetimes over. Be prepared for some “soul work” as we continue to move through. As the solstice hits its high point on the 20th/21st depending on  where you are the merging of fragments will begin, and this work will continue to Winter Solstice.

Past lifetimes that are not healed carry a piece of your fragmented soul. As you begin to go into Alpha state through meditation or rest, the Third Eye will open. Through here you will receive visions of your past lifetimes that can come very quickly in 3D like a movie reel. As fast as they come, they are healed just like that through forgiveness. As each heals, fragmented pieces of the soul merge back. Some may take longer with more soul/shadow work if it left extreme emotional trauma which you will notice begin to surfacing as we continue to move through. This will ultimately bring one to higher levels of consciousness on a collective and individual level, and bring a shifting of perspectives to the Higher Self. You will see things much clearer from your higher self/higher heart through unconditional love.

Also embrace your inner child through this shift with a warm, energetic hug. The 23rd, New Moon is in Cancer with Mercury in Cancer which really exasperates the emotions right now. You might experience some “Sass”  from those you’re closest to who are feeling this energy or you may feel the edge yourself. The tears spontaneously flow for a huge soul cleansing and purge. Mother/Father healing issues from childhood surface as well, so love and embrace your inner child as these surface to be healed and released. This is to bring Masculine and Divine Feminine into balance within. Water signs will be especially affected by this energy. Exes also surface for closure, healing, release.

By releasing all this emotional density it allows your ascension process into the crystalline light body to progress with more ease. As the old wounds are healed, the new light quotient upgrades are more easily integrated within the healed cells. Embrace the dark as it does bring you through to your Light. (Balance) is obtained by making friends with both and understanding the roles each play in the human physical.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but it’s currently 6am here, and I’m wide awake once again listening to the birds singing their morning songs, and the sun is beginning to rise. My Intuition is saying this energy will carry through for two more days. You can also expect your creative expression to peak with this energy if you are at peace and have done the years of “soul work healing” to date.

Anyone else up all night, or wake at the 2-3am mark? As always, please share what you’re experiencing below.

Love, Light and Blessings,
~Tiffany 💝❣️💝

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11 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

  1. There is major upheaval going on for me right now for me. Thank you Photon Energies! This is the biggest shift I’ve felt since 2002, that one was devastating, this one is erratic highs and lows. I had to put my dear friend and cat to sleep, I got more funds to grad school than originally reported, I have to move in two months to a major city from a very small one. It’s been since 1993 since I lived in a big city. So stress abound, with jolly candy like joy and excitement. I’m terrified and elated, grieving and feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I have not enough time. I’m planing a huge cleansing ritual on the Solstice and New Moon. I’ll be adding a massive Soul Retrieval now too.
    Thank you for your wisdoms Tiffany!

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  2. Spot on. Up periodically through the night. My ex has re-emerged, and it remains to be seen what transpires. I had a very strong vision half waking this morning of my ex bringing clarity to his stance in life I had rejected. I have the impulse to burn all my journals (release the energy)… A very powerful time. I appreciate your post, giving a broader perspective on this.

    🎆❤ Winona

    On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 11:34 AM, The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles wrote:

    > Tiffany Stiles posted: ” Another sleepless night after 2 days of pure > exhaustion (photon energies), and wanting to rest/sleep/chill. We are back > on Gamma frequency…for now.. wide awake and pulsating with energy. This > switching of frequencies will continue up to Summer Solsti” >


  3. Yes! I haven’t slept the last few nights and today the tears flowed most of the day as I’m packing as we are moving house.I’m delighted that soul retrieval will happen soon as I feel a deep sadness since 2010 and I dont feel at home on this planet for the longest time.I am praying this is part of soul fragmentation and this will lift and disappear once it completes.
    Thank you so much Tiffany for your informative and helpful energy updates, they help me make sense of what I am going through.x

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  4. Thank you Tiffany for your empathic intuitiveness. Always on spot. Was wondering why I kept waking up at 2 and 3 in the morning and couldn’t sleep the night. Couldn’t put my thoughts together and was Restless. Have been so emotional can’t even begin to explain. Cry over anything. Lost a soul cat very close to me. Can’t stop thinking of the ex for some odd reason. Have strong feelings over everything. Looking forward to releasing on the full moon which happens to be my birthday June 23rd. Yes .. CANCER. GO FIGURE! Lol.. Thank you!

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  5. Home run, Tiffany!
    My goodness this resonates loudly, and lovingly! There’s been some heavy stuff emerging, but not painfully. 🌸
    So, here it is! WIDE awake at 2 am this morning on the 20th.
    I was reading a book on reiki healing/hardwired behaviors/ habits. How, they become attached through the generations and (how you and they) can be healed. ✨🙏🏻🙌🏻
    There they were, popping up. Memories, images of relatives. Experiences. Stories.
    Then, I recieved your email!
    All this, makes total sense!
    Thank you.


  6. Yes. Bit strenuous 2wks of getting to sleep ok and then waking between 2 and 4am and birds around my flat going loopy only to eventually get back to sleep about an hour after waking and then not be able to wake very well eventually or not sleeping at all from that point and staying up most of the night. Having to look for work during the days is exhausting let alone energy from my neighbour who is up and down with health issues (not 5d still in 3d).


  7. Me as well. I am able to fall asleep; however, I am wide awake at 1am. I am exhausted as well. God bless and thanks for your posts.


  8. For the past 4 nights, I’ve been up mostly all night too. Lots of electrified energy at night, strong sensations around eyes and face all night, crying a lot during the day. This energy has hit me like a ton of bricks! Thank you for this report. It really helps guide through this incredibly intense energy.


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