Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles


Photons are blowing in since this afternoon. These relax and lull you to sleep so downloads, upgrades and integrations may take place.

These Photons are transferred into electromagnetic energies from atoms, down to a subatomic particle level. They are absorbed and integrated into the human physical to specifically increase vibrational frequency and incite a spiritual evolution, individually and collectively. They are light particles which travel faster than the speed of light. Photons are derived from the photon belt (belt of Light) which has entered our solar system beginning in 2012. This plunged Earth’s children into a cosmic awakening from unconscious sleep from 26,000 years! It takes 26,000 years for this cycle of photon belt Light energy to reach us, then giving us 2000 years of Light! This began just as the Mayans predicted in 2012, and will continue for 2000 years for the further evolution of humans into new birthed consciousness.

There are many of you who are Lermurian, or Atlantean decent, (past lives) who are fully aware of your past lifetimes then, as I am. I asked Google a question tonight, and it was blank with NO answer; Did Atlantis exist 26,000 years ago when Earth was then in its previous 2000 year cycle of Photon Belt Light? For me personally, this answer is yes. It resonates with my soul. Everyone held Metaphysical gifts and abilities, and it was normal to do so, and use these in service of others, while others were greedy and used the power for themselves. This was the lesson from that lifetime in which we learned not to repeat.

If you are one who believes in reincarnation as I do, souls incarnate on the cycle of reincarnation thousands of times, getting stuck in the amnesia…forgetting and remaining unconscious their entire lifetimes here. So it repeats over and over until one remembers. This is where the evolution of the soul comes into play. Being able to read auras, and one’s dominant aura energetic fingerprint tells me much about the soul. One’s dominant aura, which does relate to personality and soul purpose, specifically correlates to a chakra energy center in the body. Black being the lowest vibrational frequency, to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white. Each dominant aura of a soul speaks to its individual energetic fingerprint.

I would not be able to sit down and have a metaphysical conversation with anyone of a red, orange, yellow dominant energetic signature (frequency). Number 1.) They could care less. Number 2.) They are left brain analytically driven and therefore lend to the “scientifically proven” hypothesis. 3.) They don’t believe it, therefore they never see it! These dominant aura signatures are on the lower vibrational spectrum. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, they serve a very good purpose while they are here, as the rest of us do.

Now the energetic frequency begins to shift higher at green, blue, indigo, violet, white. These are the energetic signatures that are interested in metaphysics, have experienced the paranormal, have psychic abilities and senses that go beyond the normal 6 senses.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t waste your time trying to speak your message to someone who can’t hear you.” They can’t hear you, because they are not a vibrational match. A receiver can only comprehend the information from the giver if there is a vibrational frequency match. If you are a white, violet, indigo, blue, green aura you can speak your message, and it will be heard and understood to the same aura signatures. If you are the above aura signatures a red, orange, yellow aura will not hear you, understand you, or care to waste their time doing so. And they might even think you’re weird, out of this world, while you think the same of them because they don’t get it! Division can take place when this happens, but it shouldn’t, as all, and each one we come into contact with have something to teach us if we listen with an open unconditionally loving heart. This is your knowing when to expend your valuable energy comes into play, and when not to. In 5D, a waste of energy is not something that is done.

To go further into soul evolution, you can tell how old a soul is, not chronologically, but baby, mature, old, by their dominant energetic fingerprint. Old souls are typically violet or white auras. Indigos and blues are mature souls. Green can go either way. Red, orange, yellow are baby souls with fewer incarnations. There are always acception to this scale when realms come into play. (The realms in which souls incarnate from.)

I wanted to give you this information, as so many seem to get frustrated as to being misunderstood, not heard, feeling alone, or shunned by their friends, or family​ upon waking from their amnesia. This will hopefully assist you in understanding why this mis-match in vibrational frequency occurs. And this goes the same for the reasons why certain relationships end abruptly that got along well before. As one increases in frequency, and one remains the same, a push/pull ensues in vibrational frequency until it repels the lower frequency out of its field. Thus, the relationship ends. This is to move out the old to make room for the new.

Understand that everyone, no matter their aura, or soul type, or realm, has an important life purpose for being here. The value in this information is to help you understand, and accept souls for who they are, and unconditionally love them regardless. Learn from one another in a non judgemental way. We all have something to learn from each other. Love & acceptance is the way to maintaining and building relationships now. No one is any better than anyone else as everyone holds value in their life purpose here.

One love, we are all connected.

Love, light and blessings, ~ Tiffany 💝🍃💝

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