So many people are always interested in having an Aura Reading done that I wanted to run a special of 1/2 off all Aura Readings! Instead of the regular $54.00 price, Aura Readings will be $25.00 for the entire month! So if you’ve always wanted to have an Aura Reading, now is the time to take advantage of this great discounted offer!


Tiffany Stiles is a Psychic Intuitive Empath. She is a reader, feeler and seer of energy, and she can interpret your energy signature for you!

In 2011 my Kundalini Activation took place. After my Kundalini rose I was activated in the gift to see and read energy.

One day I was out in public and all of the sudden I could see the entire auric (energy) field around people, animals, plants and trees. At first it was shocking as I wasn’t used to this new gift at that time, and kept it to myself until I could figure out what was going on.

Once you have this gift you just can’t turn it off, it’s with you for life. So I decided to have fun with my gift. I’d be sitting with my girlfriend somewhere in public and people would be walking by us, and I’d say to her, “red, brown, pink, violet, yellow, orange, etc….as the people walked by us. She would just look at me and say, “How the heck do you do that? How can you see it? I don’t see anything!”

I began to see people not in their human form, but in their energetic soul form, and still do to this day. It’s very difficult for me to remember a person’s name, because I see them at their energetic and soul level. I always remember a face, but names are a problem.

Then I decided to get serious with my gift! I began studying the Chakra energy centers in the body. I studied the Roby Chart. I studied and learned what each Aura color meant and how that tied into a person’s soul level of growth and evolution, down to their specific personality traits. I studied the different levels of the Auric field, there are 7, and how each tied into the auric field I see around people. I came to learn in my experience in reading Auras now for 9 years, that in reading only the etheric layer of the Auric Field, this gave me a read on a person’s unique energetic footprint. This ties directly to a person’s personality traits, specific career choices that best align to your vibrational frequency, health and wellness, social preferences, even relationships and intimacy. I came to learn that no matter how many times I saw the same people, the etheric layer of their Auric Field never changed. This dominant color remained consistently the same each and every time I saw the person. This means your dominant energetic signature is aligned within the etheric layer of your Auric Field and it will never change. You are given this unique Aura Signature and vibrational frequency from birth till death. Everything that you do, to how you perceive and process information is done through the alignment of your dominant energetic signature.  All of the other 6 layers of the Auric Field do change and shift with mood, physical illness, emotional up and downs, etc…but NOT the etheric layer.

I began to give Aura Readings to people and they would say, “How the heck did you know that about me?” “Yes, that’s me, how did you know?” ” You know more about me than I know about myself!” People are perplexed in the amount of information I can obtain about someone just by reading their Aura! In the past 9 years I have given over 4000 + Aura Readings to others to be able to assist them on their journey and path.

We are all energy, and everything is energy…and energy does not lie, it just is. Therefore I give 100% accurate Aura Readings every single time. I can easily read someone’s Aura either in person or by photograph as long as the lighting is conducive to this reading.

Have you ever wondered what is my soul’s life purpose on this Earth? Why did I come here, and what am I supposed to be doing? The Aura Reading ties into specific careers that align with your unique vibrational frequency and energetic fingerprint.

This soul assessment, and Aura Reading is for you if you feel you are meant to be doing more with your life. It will give you valuable insights into yourself that possibly you weren’t aware of previously. It will give you the insight on how to deal with challenges differently, and different perspective on how you deal with others too. Just by reading your Aura Reading Report it will give you these valuable insights.

If you need some clarity, direction, or want to uncover what you truly and uniquely align with in all areas of your life…then this assessment is for you! If you are wanting to live a purpose driven life, then this is the assessment for you! It will put you back on track if you’ve veered off course! This is a complete and comprehensive aura reading that will give you great insights into many things to assist you on your path and continued journey.

Would You Like to Order An Aura Reading For Someone Else As a Gift?

If you’d like to order an Aura Reading for someone else as a gift, please email me good photos of them after your purchase. I can either email you the reading, or I can email it to that person as long as you provide me with their email address, and specify that the reading will be emailed to the receiver of the gift. (photo requirements below).

I also do Pet (furry baby) Aura Readings. If you’d like an Aura Reading of your pet, please email the photo of your pet outside in good sunlight.

Aura Reading Directions & Specifications

After you’ve ordered your Aura Reading I will contact you via email to send me the required photos to compile your reading. 

Photo Requirements for an Aura Reading:

1.) I  will need you to email me 7 photos of yourself (alone) in photos.

2.) The background of the photo will need to be either tan, white or the blue sky.. With Great Lighting.

3.) No sunglasses, no hats.

4.) (I would prefer to have photos of you outside, with blue sky background, with great sunlight, as these are the best photos for Aura Readings.) 

5.) The photos must be original photos. No Photoshop, no alterations accepted whatsoever.

6.) Please make sure the photos are fairly close up head shots.

Note: Your photos do not need to be new.

Aura Reading to Determine Your Dominant Energy Signature

PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS ABOVE BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR PAYMENT. Aura Reading to Determine Your Dominant Energetic Signature and Unique Vibarational Frequency. The Aura Reading Encompasses a Comprehensive Reading Revolving around: *Personality Traits Attached to Your Dominant Aura Signature *Mind/Body *Social Life *Relationships & Intimacy *Career & Finances *Health, Well-Being & Growth PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS IS LISTED IN YOUR PAYPAL AS THIS IS WHERE CORRESPONDENCE TAKES PLACE.



Partner Aura Reading

Partner Aura Readings~ See If You & Your Partner Are an Energetic Match!

Are you curious if someone new you just met is an Energetic Match to you? As we are on this Ascension journey increasing in vibrational frequency more and more with each shift, the way we date becomes in alignment with a higher consciousness level. If we are not an Energetic Match to a partner it can create a multitude of challenges you will have to overcome. Some lower vibrational dominant Aura frequencies tend to pull from higher dominant Aura frequencies. Therefore, if you are an Empath, it would not be conducive for you to date a Red dominant Aura signature soul. They will pull from your frequency and you will feel drained the majority of time you are together. Being a vibrational match to you means harmony, peace, like-minded conversations, and an alignment you feel within when you are together. DIRECTIONS: If you are interested in having a Partner Aura Reading, after purchase email with 7 photos of yourself separately from 7 photos of your partner. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PHOTOS: Please make sure the photos are fairly close up. No hats, no sunglasses, no altered or Photoshopped images. Make sure the photos are taken outside, in good sunlight, with no obstructions in the background of your photos– such as, trees, shrubs, other people, buildings. I prefer a blue sky background for an Aura Reading. Attach your photos to Tiffany’s email. Tiffany will read both Dominant Aura Signatures and email you this comprehensive assessment. Tiffany will give you her personal assessment of your reading and your energetic compatibility with your partner. Having this information at your finger tips can give you a wealth of knowledge in how to best deal with your partner and any challenges that may arise. 💞⚡💞



All readings are done by me personally, so please allow 5-7 business days to receive your reading which will be e-mailed to you to refer back to at any time. 

Aura Readings by Tiffany Stiles – The Mystical Lotus © 2020

The Mystical Lotus ®


See What Others Are Saying!


Thank you Tiffany, that was bang on! It talked about certain struggles I’m facing and why… very interesting and gave me a lot to think about and better understand myself‼️

~ Toni N.


Thank you so much for this reading. Your note at the end about being able to use powerful healing energies was very powerful for me. I am a healer and have known since I was 4 I was supposed to do this work but only got into it in 2001 after I healed from cancer.  This is so validating, all of the info in your report is who I am now as opposed to who I used to be.  My career path is that of a Grid worker, psychic and a medium (which I’m only just now opening to).

Thank you for being part of the sisterhood of healers I can look to and interact with from a place of love.  Your work is beautiful as are you 🌸💗🌸

Blessings and love,


Hi Tiffany,

Thank you so much for my reading. It makes a lot of sense and much resonates, once I let it all sink in probably more. I’m still working on the mediumship skills, I used to have it while I was a kid, but it wasn’t accepted to kindly by my family. I pray it will come back someday. I definitely see things before they happen and pick up on people’s thoughts and my dreams are very vibrant/ lucid and often premonitions and messages etc., indigo color totally makes sense.

I very much appreciate this and all the inspirational posts you do and helping so many. You are a beautiful earth angel 😇 God bless you, always!

Much love,


I’m thrilled with my reading & the fur baby Tiffany! It was a great pleasure to have a reading from you.

The accuracy is uncanny and your sensitive guidance is invaluable and what I really need at this time in my life as I’ve just separated from my husband after 20 years of marriage.

Have a great day
Brightest blessings
Martina x – Ireland



It always amazes me how accurate these readings are! The violet traits and personalities are dead on. When I came across the green description I got goosebumps because one of the main things I want to do in life is work with/help animals, and this was definitely a confirmation and green light. I grew up with animals and have 4 of my own now. I live on a few acres of woods and do not particularly enjoy the city life (a point made in the violet description). I have also taken two levels of traditional Japanese Reiki and am definitely an empath 🙂 … so, needless to say, the aura reading was very accurate, thank you!

Casey K.


I am blown away by how accurate my aura reading was. I spent many years confused, and displayed many of the negative sides that were spoken about. I recognise myself in the good side as well. Up until a year ago, I never knew where to look and find the answers. I am thankful that I have found the answers now that I was looking for. I will definately order the 10 card spread as well. As much as I try to find my own answers from within.. it is also comforting to get an outside ‘opinion’ so to speak😊❤️❤️ Thank you for your beautiful gift. Following your Facebook page has been a major influence in my journey. ❤️💖💞

Tracey A.




This was the most accurate reading that I have ever had. So, so on point.

Thank you for my aura reading.

~Emilia B.


I had an Aura Reading done with Tiffany and it was awesome. ..bang on about so many things…also validation on many levels…makes you really have that Awwwww moment about why you are the way you are…I highly recommend her god given talents!

Veevaletta P.


Tiffany, You hit it all on the head! I received a star seed natal chart reading last week, and I had markings of the shaman on there, as well as connections to 2 starships, and mark of the healer with crystals, and a marking of the avatar, and the Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This just puts everything into a deeper perspective for me, and has helped me so much! I thank you for all the service you give to others, and the light that you so brilliantly shine.



Thank you soo much for my reading. It was incredibly accurate and even my Fiancé was shocked how much it sounded like me.
I really enjoy following you on Facebook, everything you post resonates with me greatly.
Know that the time you take to share all your knowledge doesn’t go unnoticed.
Thank you again for such a pleasant reading, and hopefully in the near future I can reach out again for other types of readings.

Many Blessings,

Carly Aikens


Dear Tiffany,

This reading was so amazing! It spoke to me and connected with me on many levels and I am grateful to you for sharing your gift with me. This reading solidifies so much of where my journey has taken me over the past 2 1/2 years and the guidance and direction of what is ahead! Thank you again.

Many Blessings,
Holly I.


Hi Tiffany,

This is beautiful. It touched my soul deeply, I don’t even know if I have the right words to describe it. It has been a long challenging intense journey but I know it was meant to be that way for a reason. I always felt like I see more, feel more, know more… but being surrounded by people and societies/cultures that have been very limited only made it look like I was crazy for even thinking that way. Things have turned around for me 360 since end of last year so I am excited what’s to come next.
I am truly grateful to have crossed path with you. You are so beautiful 🤗💕
Much love,
Photo Editor-20181115_115011
Photo Editor-20181116_090738

Sending much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey!

Please Feel Free to Share This Post So Others May Benefit From the Discounted Price!

Love, ~Tiffany


Photo Editor-20181026_123331


Tiffany Stiles

Metaphysical Life Coach – Psychic Intuitive Empath

The Mystical Lotus LLC ®  ~Aura Readings by Tiffany Stiles 2020 © All rights reserved.












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  1. How the heck are you able to know so much of the shift that is happening, Tiffany? I just found by chance your article on a facebook post of an acquantancy and it justs RESEMBLES so much!!!!! IS IT TRUE THE SHIFT IS HAPPENING????? WHAT’S COMING NOW?


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