Spica Conjunct Moon/Jupiter May 9-12th, 2017

Are you experiencing stomach discomfort, as Spica rules over the naval? This is your solar plexus that rules over your free will, your fun zone and being optimistic and social! You can expect your free will to be asserted in the coming days where boundaries need laid. How about hightened psychic awareness, amped up intuition, and the love/erotic emotions this conjunct brings?


This conjunct may very well bring twin flames into reunion, and create immense healings with karmic relationships. This will also amplify wealth, good karma/bad karma and good luck! Be prepared for emotions to begin rising concerning etherically bound relationships. Whatever relationships are not working will be magnified for clarity. The ties that bind by the Etheric cord will be healed through this conjunct if the work is put in to do so. Exes will surface for this healing to occur and closure to take place. A rekindling of sorts may come of this, but only if two start fresh and leave the past behind.


The Divine Feminine is peeking as well through this moon energy to bring about balance that has been lacking. 

It’s a great time to smudge your space and auric field for added peace and blessings as Spica rules over sage. Wear your emerald to enhance the positive flow of this energy, and infuse periwinkle for added bliss!

There is, in addition, an expected CME (coronal mass ejection) expected to hit Earth on the 10th, the same day as the Full Moon in Scorpio, also May 10th, 2017 bringing 10-10 activations, and spiritual awakenings, as the fire signs rise through the nodes!

See more on that here! 

By numeroligist.com

This number will begin grabbing your attention for your own spiritual interpretations to take place! The Full Moon in Scorpio is mirroring this same energy flow, and I feel that CME may be arriving now, a day early! Check for updates by Clicking Here!

You can expect increased energy with a propensity to get out and be social/have fun! Interrupted sleep/can’t sleep/wide awake comes along for the ride as high plasma and crystalline frequencies flow in and through. Enjoy the positive energy flow this brings and be in your here and now!  Some amazing dreams shall also surface which bring subconscious to conscious clarity on things playing on your mind lately. Also, the veil is thin, so you can expect your angels to step forward and give you some Divine signs as well!

Much Love, Light & Blessings~ 💖🍃💖

Metaphysical Life Coach~

Tiffany-Stiles.com 💖🍃💖
TheMysticalLotus.com 💖🍃💖

4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio, Spica & Jupiter Conjunct Energy Forecast by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Hi! I love your articles.Thank you for all you do! Quick question, would you say this spica Could also cause urinary issues since it’s also related to the sacral chakra? This creeped up on me over the last 2 hrs..

    Thanks so much!


    1. Over the past two years there have been a lot of lower chakra clearings relating to unresolved emotional issues tied to those chakras. The sacral relates to the sex organs, urinary and ovaries, so yes, this has been a factor for many going through their ascension process. This particular Spica conjunct relates to the solar plexus chakra (the stomach) specifically as Spica rules over the naval. So this is specifically affecting the stomach area and the free will being asserted where it hadn’t been before.

      Thank you for your kind words and questions.

      Much love, Light and blessings.
      ~Tiffany 💖🍃💖


      1. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I feel so scattered that I confused my chakras lol..Have a great night and full moon..

        Liked by 1 person

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