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Springtime is an important time in shamanism. It takes place in the ‘East’ of the medicine wheel, the direction of creation and new beginnings. The place where it all starts, time and time again. The ‘East’ on the medicine wheel is also referred as the spring-equinox, the returning of the light at the beginning of the solar year.
Can you feel it?

Springtime 1


Do you feel the earth waking up? Experience the animals, trees and flowers silently coming back to life. Spring brings warmth and light and wakes up the earth from her long winter dream. Everything on the planet becomes alive again and is ready for rebirth in springtime.
What does spring do to you?

Springtime 2

Every spring you have a new chance to be reborn from the stillness and quietness of winter. You have a chance to open up just like everything around you. You can be reborn by opening your heart to the process of regeneration. Feel the aliveness that comes into your own personal spirit, which is rooted in the spirit of nature. Wake up, become more alert, your heart is more open. It is a time of new beginnings; everything is fresh, clean and striving to grow upwards toward the sun. In spring we transition from an introverted state to a state of physical and spiritual blossoming.

Spring In Your Body

Springtime 3

The returning sunlight and warmth transforms us. It is a time of fertilizing, watering our spirits, and unfolding the petals of our hearts. Honor the return of the light. Bring the light into your heart, your being. Look at the light in nature; become attuned to your environment. By taking in the light we can achieve greater balance and harmony. Walking on the earth is a good way to awaken your connection to the natural world. Feel mother earth waking up. Tune into nature and feel yourself becoming aware and alert during this season. Be aware of what’s happening around you and feel that same transition within yourself.

The First Time

Springtime 4


Approach spring as though it is the first time you have ever experienced it, the first time you ever saw a flower, a tree growing, a bird flying. Open your heart to love, to beauty, to clarity. Leave the old behind and be reborn during the season of spring. East is representative of the spring season, the image of the sun peeking through the clouds. You are reborn as the sun is reborn every day. Each spring your spirit will burst out of the darkness of winter. Make your spirit bright like the colors of Nature. Feel the world through your heart. This is a time to leave behind old patterns, old ways of doing things, and embrace the power and beauty of new life.

Help Your Springtime

Springtime 5

Now you know what processes are working in nature, in your body, and in your mind during springtime, you can help your own springtime a little. This is an excellent time for cleaning your house and surroundings and letting go of what’s no longer needed. You can clean your wardrobe and cabinets or sort out old stuff, give it away to give it a second-life. You can clean your house and garden and buy some small new items. Add some greenery inside and open the windows. This therapeutic cleaning can free up lots of psychological energy which gives you a power-boost after a long winter.

Springtime is also a great time for cleaning up your diet or for doing a small detox. Eat natural foods for a few weeks, stop drinking alcohol and smoking and use some detoxing tea or herbs which help you to detoxify your body.

Go outside into nature as much as you can to support your detox. Walk bare foot and feel the energy of the bursting earth. Do silent walks and notice all that is happening around you. And if its possible, start to work on your garden which will need some loving care after the long winter.

Feel the spring, experience and inhale it all! Happy Spring to you!
(big thank to http://www.shamanism.com, Dance of the Deer Foundation)

Lots of love, Yvon


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