An Introduction to your Emotional Energy Field

Part II:
An Introduction to Your Emotional Energy Field
Connecting to your Emotions/Feelings/Moods/Behaviors
Using your Heart and Higher Heart chakras
By Phoenix Green

An Introduction to Your QUEST

You will embark on a Quest of expansion that answers the questions to the origins of your Emotional Energy Field.

Let’s begin with what you will cover:
-As you unravel the mystery of your Emotional Energy Field, you will bring great awareness to unlocking unknown connections to your own Emotions/Feelings/Moods/Behaviors
-You will learn about the fundamentals of grounding your Emotions/Feelings/Moods/Behaviors Energy with the Physical Energy Field through the Earth chakra.
-You will learn how to connect to your Heart Chakra for expressing your own Emotions/Feelings/Moods/Behaviors of others by showing Compassion for others
-You will learn how to connect to your Higher Heart Chakra for expressing your own Emotions/Feelings/Moods/Behaviors by expressing internal Gratitude for yourself

Let’s start this Quest to unpack information for your Emotional Energy Field into applied wisdom.

Emotional Energy Field
The Energy Field of your Emotions

The Emotional Energy field is responsible for your emotions for others and yourselves. It is made up of how you feel. How do you feel about others and yourselves? It is made up of which mood you are in. Are you Happy or Sad? Is your mood Angry or Joyful? It determines how you behave. How do you behave to others and yourselves?
Your Emotional Energy Field is connected to your physical heart, and how that heart pumps the blood to fuel your cells and emotions. The Heart chakra processes your emotions/feelings for others. The Higher Heart Chakra processes your emotions/feelings of yourselves.  It gives feeling to your physical actions generated in the Physical Energy Field. These feelings give action a direction for your behaviors. Synchronizing your feelings to your actions, you bring emotion to what you think and do.
Your feelings can decide what you think, act, and believe in.

The Output and Input of our Emotions

Your Emotional Energy Field consists of your feelings, behaviors, and moods. It determines your emotional responses, both your emotional output (How you behave to others) and emotional input (How you behave to yourself) responses that make up your behavior for yourself and others. All your external feelings equal your love output you have for others, your planet, your animals and anything outside of yourself. All your internal feelings equal your love input that you have for yourself.
Your love output is the expressed compassion that you have for others, and every living thing you interact with. Your love input is your internal gratitude that you have for yourself. This determines how compassionate you are and what you share with others. You connect your actions from the physical energy field to your emotions. This is the emotional-physical dis-ease connection. Karma is another word for action. All our past traumas, past activity, and past actions leave stored Emotional information that causes dis-ease. Almost every form of cancer is an emotional tumor of stored unwanted emotional pain, trauma, or energy. The goal of the Emotional Energy Field is learning how to Let go of the past of what hurt you and start living for the present out of your Heart chakra.

Heart Chakra
The Heart chakra is responsible for your external compassion awareness and all of your expressed internal compassion, love, for all your emotional connections. The physical heart is connected to the Heart chakra.  When you express compassion you are doing this through your Heart chakra. Having an open Heart chakra, is living your life expressing unconditional compassion for others while having unconditional gratitude for yourself. The Heart chakra is also your output of your Emotional Intuition. The Heart chakra is fed with emotional energy from the Higher Heart chakra.

Emotional Intuition

The Heart chakra is the output of energy for the emotional empath. The Higher Heart chakra is the input of energy for the emotional empath. It is where they develop their emotional quotient, through emotional sensing and emotional intuition. This is different from mental intuition in that the energy is processed in the heart not in the mind. It is a feeling that you get rather than a thought that leads your intuition.
It can be a feeling that guides your mental intuition to connecting to divine wisdom. It is a feeling that can guide your spiritual intuition, or flow of your spiritual bliss. It can be a feeling that guides your physical instinct, and allows for manifestation through the heart, Emotional Intuition.  It is also what the Higher Heart chakra feels and computes the energy for your emotional intuition for the Heart chakra to project compassion to others.

Higher Heart Chakra

The Higher Heart Chakra is responsible for your internal gratitude that you have for your self and how to express that to others. The location of the Higher heart is the Thymus gland. The Thymus gland is responsible for emotional immunity of the self. It relates to how the thymus gland responds to your own emotions and feelings. It is also where your emotional intuition stores the energy for your emotional intuition. Your immune system does respond to your emotions/feelings/moods/behaviors. You really are as sick as you feel.  When your Higher Heart chakra is empty, your Heart chakra is empty. They are eternally connected through a loop of energy, each working with each other to ensure the best emotional response and action.

Imagine the Heart chakra and Higher Heart chakra as:
Two Cups of Water

Imagine two cups of water
One cup is your Heart chakra (Compassion Cup)
One cup is your Higher Heart Chakra (Gratitude Cup)
The water represents the flow of your love energy

These cups represent the flow of your loving HEART energy and their relationship with one another. Your internal cup, of flowing self-love and gratitude center is your Higher heart chakra. This needs to be filled first with gratitude before it can be expressed with compassion to one another.  The relationship between the amounts of compassion the heart chakra has to flow depends on the flow of your higher heart chakra. Your higher heart chakra is your internal flowing cup of the gratitude you have expressed. This is the fuel for your heart chakra to be express compassion, through our external flowing cup, Heart Chakra.

You must fill your own cup (Higher Heart chakra) first with gratitude, before you can give from your compassion cup (Heart chakra). Be the love you seek in this world first. Teach gratitude to everyone you meet. Express gratitude for every experience in your life. This is the energy that you store up and express with compassion to every living person, animal, plant, and being.

You put this all together to form your own intuitive emotional response; the feeling of your actions to be compassionate and to express gratitude for everything determines what it means to be Emotional. This activates the flow of your Emotional Energy field.

 The Flow of Energy in the Emotional Energy Field

From the solar plexus the energy moves up to the heart chakra, and begins in the higher heart chakra. The emotional energy field flow begins in the higher heart chakra. It starts with the amount of gratitude you have in your higher heart chakra that can be used for compassion in your heart chakra for others. This internal flow of Gratitude energy for your self flows back into the heart chakra, as outward energy of compassion for others.
This is the gratitude/Compassion loop. This leads the energy of your Emotional Field, your feelings, to connect with your thoughts in your 3rd eye chakra. You connect your feelings to your thoughts in the emotional energy field. Your words and communication from your Throat chakra is an expression through words and language of your mental energy field to the emotions behind it. Your emotional intuition meets your mental intuition in the mental energy field.

Connecting your Physical Energy Field to Your Emotional Energy Field

Physical Energy Field Exercise
Start at the Earth Energy Field and Earth chakra
Allow your Root chakra to connect to the Earth chakra
(Breathe in and breath out your Root chakra)
Allow your energy to ground, connect, and clear with the Earth chakra.
As you begin to manifest the energy for your Actions, you connect this energy to your Sacral Chakra
(Breathe in and Breathe out of your Sacral chakra)
Allow your energy for your Choices to manifest here
As you come to the right Choices of your Actions, you connect to your Solar Plexus chakra,
(Breathe in and breath out your Solar Plexus chakra)
Allow the energy for your Choices and Actions to manifest here

Emotional Energy Field Exercise:
From the Solar Plexus chakra
Allow your Solar Plexus chakra connect with your Heart chakra
(Breath in and out of your Heart Chakra)
Allow all your emotions/feelings/moods/behaviors to express Compassion for others
Connect your Heart Chakra to Your Higher Heart chakra
(Breath in and out of your Higher Heart chakra)
Allow all of your own emotions/feelings/moods/behaviors to express gratitude for yourself
Hold the energy in your Higher Heart chakra

Connecting your Emotional Energy Field
Higher Heart Cup to Heart Chakra Cup Connection
Gratitude-Compassion Loop Exercise

From the Higher Heart chakra
Notice how your Higher Heart chakra feels:
Is your Higher Heart cup
Full or Empty of Gratitude?
Bring in Light energy to your Higher Heart chakra
(Breath in and out of your Higher Heart chakra)
Imagine a stream of water filling up your internal cup (Higher Heart chakra)
You are filling your Higher Heart with GRATITUDE
It is now overflowing with GRATITUDE
Move this overflow to your Heart chakra
Notice how your Heart chakra feels:
Is your Heart chakra cup full or empty with GRATITUDE for yourself?
Bring in Light to your Heart chakra
(Breath in and out of your Heart chakra)
Imagine that same stream of water flowing from your Higher Heart chakra to your Heart chakra
Once your Heart chakra is full with Gratitude, Turn that Gratitude into COMPASSION for others

You cannot fill up your Compassion cup for others without filling up your own Gratitude cup for yourself.

“How you Feel, is What you Think”

Next up Part III:
An Introduction to your Mental Energy Field
Connecting to your Thoughts and Communicating through the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

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