The Helpful Medicine Wheel


You may already be quite advanced in making your own medicine wheel, and you might be curious about how you can increase your opportunities to work with it? Your medicine wheel is a physical altar of spiritual energy where you can say a prayer for releasing, for gratitude, forgiveness or for help. It can be seen as a mirror in which you can see yourself connected to everything else in the visible and invisible worlds. A wonderful tool that allows you to feel which parts of your life might need more attention or need some support. The altar will give you focus and insight and can give you a vision in the decisions you need to make. It can help to accompany you in certain processes and it’s a way to ask the universe to support you in your choices.




You can use your medicine wheel to help you make decisions or support your future plans. Suppose there is something new that you want to start, let’s say a new project, and you need more help to make it work. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask your medicine wheel for assistance. Place an object that symbolizes the new start (a flyer, a little self-written text or a sacred piece) on the ‘East’ of your wheel. Contact the spirits of the ‘East’ and ask their powerful strength and forces to help you starting this new project. Sit with your wheel in silent meditation, and feel the wheel assisting you, supporting you and help you gaining new and different perspectives you might need.




Just stay with the wheel in motion and keep the contact. The medicine wheel is like a good friend who is always there for you to help, support and comfort you. If after a while you notice that your new project is off the ground you move objects over the wheel when you submit it for next time. You want a newly started project to thrive and work in depth and therefore you can ask the ‘South’ for assistance by putting your sacred piece there. But you can also mark the time between starting and coming off the ground of your project on the wheel. The space between the ‘East’ and ‘South’ can be used at all. Closer to the ‘East’ means that a cautious start was made or that you see that there is already a little bit of progress, and very close to the ‘South’ means that the project has almost come to full bloom.




In the same way you can make contact with the ‘West’ and ask for help with issues like letting go, healing and trying to get a bigger distance from things that keep you too busy, by placing a sacred object on the wheel in the ‘West’ and take the time for quiet meditation while you feel the powerful friendship of the wheel supporting you. You can ask your wheel for multiple questions at once but to maximize the clarity it’s better to do no more than two subjects at the same time in view of the fact you have to make a new foundation again for each change. Another guideline is to keep your wheel and often pay attention to it. About once a week you should have to smudge everything so it will remain alive and can offer its healing powers over and over again.




You can similarly ask the forces of the ‘North’ for help with meditation and to let there be more peace and quietness in your life. This is also the place where you can connect with your ancestors, who can offer you a lot of wisdom and insights. Place a sacred object with the energy of your question in this part of the wheel, connect with the spirits of the ‘North’ and ask them to assist you. In addition is this quadrant of the wheel the special place where you can take time to reflect on each part of your life witch asks for your attention, for each aspect that might want some more care and ask your wheel for guidance and support.

Learning ~
This is the beginning of your discovery and of your possibilities in working with the medicine wheel. The more it becomes a part of your everyday life the further you’ll be taken into the secrets and possibilities of the wheel. Make your wheel part of your lift and continue your trip together. Your life is like the wheel and the medicine wheel symbolizes your life: a continuous process of change. Everything is interconnected one can’t exist without the other. The more you explore the medicine wheel the more you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the opportunities it will bring to help you to create a more fulfilling life.
Stay tuned… next time I’ll tell you more beautiful stories about shamanism!

Lots of love, Yvon


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