An Introduction to Your 4Fields of Energy

An introduction to the 4 part series:
 4Fields of Energy

What are the 4Fields of Energy?

For my first topic of discussion, let me introduce you to my passion and the wonderful world of energy. I welcome you to topic of your Energy. Let us unravel and dissect our connection to energy, and the connection energy has with you.
The goal is to show how fundamental the understanding of alchemy is to our ability to manifest our awareness to energy.

Each energy field has an energy responsibility, and specific part of our being.  We connect our existence of our being to our actions of our body, to our feelings of our heart, to the thoughts of our mind, and beliefs of our spirit. Our energy is made up of our internal feelings, thoughts, and expressed outward through our actions and beliefs. We connect to our actions, and the ability for our bodies to act through our physical energy field. We connect to our feelings, and our ability to express gratitude and compassion from our heart through our emotional energy field. We connect to our thoughts, and our ability to comprehend with our mind through our mental energy field. We connect our actions, thoughts and feelings to the spirit of our belief system through our spiritual energy field.

When we breakdown energy, we can examine its parts and origin of where it comes from, how it manifest, and what is it made of.

Over the next 4 part introductory series, I will discuss each of the 4 energy fields and their relationship to each of their energy responsibilities in their related field.  We will discover their connection to the each of the energy fields and our energy centers in our body, heart, mind and spirit, called our Energy Chakra system.

We begin the first series:
An Intro to the 4Fields of Energy
An introduction to our Physical Energy Field

We will learn about the fundamentals of grounding our energy and connecting with the Earth Chakra using our Root, Sacral, and Solar plexus Chakras in the Physical Energy Field.

Upon completion of this introductory series, you will grasp the concepts of the 4 fields of energy and be able to use it with every type of energy work, and other metaphysical practices you practice. For the next series after the introduction I will connect any existing Rei Ki Practice to the connection of the 4 fields of energy. You will be able to understand the link between Rei Ki and the use of the 4 energy fields to help connect to the use of symbols, and intentions of your energy with yourself and your clients.

Phoenix Green,
Love Warrior


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Energy Bio:
Hello and welcome to the bio of Phoenix Green.
I am a 37-year-old unconditional loving energy being.  I studied Qi based 4Fields energy healing and currently a Rei Ki II practitioner. I’m also working on a Masters degree in Integrative health and Healing with a passion for connecting people to achieve their highest potential through, nutritional awareness, energy medicine, and metaphysical abilities. My passion is bringing a positive awareness to the healing power of animals, nature, our planet, and the cosmos. As a healer guide I like to help people discover and activate their own healer within, and help them connect to their higher self. I’m currently working on a thesis/Book called “The healers Guide to Your Universe: Healing the healer within You”.
It is my privilege to bring to you the finest in metaphysical information for awareness and a connection to divine wisdom. I only ask one thing, Be kind and express gratitude to everything, everyone, and every being.
Thank you.

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