Dear Beautiful Souls!

Star particle and diamond crystalline frequencies moving in and through. These undo all old programs and open the higher heart, and higher self to more and better. All is coming up through the heart to be released and forgiven. All the old, painful stuff that one has held onto is rising up, and this creates spontaneous tears to cleanse the soul. Be gentle with yourself as your vibrational frequency adjusts to higher bandwidths as this takes place. Your vibrational frequency will dip low to release, and raise again after. Painful childhood trauma with the mother/father/brother/sister comes up too to understand and see from the higher self. To remember we chose our parents/siblings to learn, grow and evolve at the soul level through these relationships…To clear many levels of karma, from many lifetimes over with these soul relationships that change, and switch from lifetime to lifetime on the constant wheel of karma. This lifetime it is important to clear karma and not obtain anymore, especially for Lightworkers/Earth Angels/Star Seeds/Blue Rays/Indigos, as this distracts from and delays your current important mission, and why you chose to incarnate here in this lifetime. This is to heal Earth, humans, animals with the highest vibrational frequency of love, empathy, compassion. These specific groups of souls chose to incarnate into difficult, sometimes toxic and abusive families to evolve the soul very quickly in this lifetime, to advance the soul over many times…. what would normally take several lifetimes. The key is to see this all through your higher self, see those tough life lessons, understand why you chose to learn these specific lessons for your own personal soul growth now.

These frequency downloads are very powerful, so anything you continue to hold onto that is rising to your surface through the heart will cause much physical, emotional and spiritual distress. You must be willing to work with what this energy pushes to the surface to come up and out once and for all. To heal you emotionally, physically, spiritually. The thymus gland becomes over taxed with these high vibrational frequencies as these star particle, crystalline diamond frequencies move through every cell revving up your energy which creates heat, then cold, then heat… Tired, then bursts of energy back and forth until the body adjusts. Shifting timelines, loss of time, or time speeding up or slowing down is common with these.

Your guides and angels are here to assist you through any emotional trauma that comes up. Just call and they surround you with the love and light you need to pull through the dark to your light.

Many of you have already evolved past this stage, and now you say, “I’m ready to go home!” The density is too thick here as one begins to remember how different it is to be here on Earth. Do not give up, it is you that is assisting Earth in this evolutionary shift that only occurs once every 26,000 years as the photon belt lines up with Earth. Some may think suicide is the way out. I can guarantee you it is not. You will come back to repeat this lifetime over again, as it is seen as wasting a lifetime on the other side. There are so many souls that are standing by waiting for a physical body to incarnate into to further their soul growth, and not enough physical bodies to fill this requirement here. In some instances this is where the “walk-in” happens so that the soul who is ready to go home can, and the one waiting can use the body to continue the mission that was started. This is a mutual soul contract/agreement before this takes place. There’s much more on this topic, but I’ll leave it there for now. I know a few of you identify with being a walk-in, and I’d love for you to share your experience below for someone who perhaps has just had this occur and is trying to remember/understand what is happening, as it takes time for this adjustment and remembering to occur. I want to be clear this has nothing to do with possession. This is a mutual soul contract and agreement by both souls. Many times, but not all, this is where split personalities derive from as both, or more souls can inhabit one physical body.

As this Energy continues to move in and through, you speak your truth in your true authenticity from your soul, from your heart. This energy assists one in learning to love themselves, flaws and all. “This is me, take it or leave it”, many say. It is no longer needed or required to have acceptance from outside sources as one sees we are all one, and we are all mirrors to each other. The love and acceptance of yourself is where it all begins to unfold for you…to begin your true authentic journey and life purpose. We are here to love unconditionally, to lift the density of 3D higher, to help Earth and all of humanity to Shift out of this density and matrix. The energy that comes in and through you is here for you to anchor into Earth’s grid, to hold it here to keep this shift happening, and progressing. You are the vessel through which this energy flows through to not only heal yourself, but to heal all you touch.

As the crystalline diamond frequencies rev up higher, and keep coming in stronger your DNA is being fired up, and triggered to upgrade. As more of these strands recalibrate within, you are then triggered to remember at your soul level. Your past lives come forth to heal, forgive yourself and others that played roles in those lifetimes. When this occurs it clears many layers of karma from many lifetimes very quickly. You may close your eyes and through the violet flame in your Third Eye you see many faces coming at you rapidly, then passing by. It could be hundreds of faces in a matter of minutes. These faces relate to your past lifetimes. They also relate to your Angels and Spirit Guides who are here to guide you and assist you through this rapid recall and healing. Do not fear if you have this happen as I’ve had many message me to inquire about this. Embrace it, heal, forgive, let go.

Much is going on for many, in many different ways, it’s hard to cover them all in one Report. The key is to listen to your own body and Intuition, what you are feeling should be acknowledged and accepted.

Be patient with yourself, and others, as we continue to move through. When traumas surface to be healed, it is up to the way showers to create a sacred, safe space for those we love to trust enough to let this out. Sometimes just listening and holding someone is all one needs to move through to their light out of the darkness. In this safe, scared space healing occurs. Here there is zero judgement, zero ego, it is purely unconditional love one holds for another. And through this highest vibrational frequency of the electromagnetic field of the higher heart, your touch and your vibrational frequency heals the deepest of emotional wounds. We came here to heal with this higher vibrational frequency we carry and emit. It’s time to get busy….Shine on beautiful souls! Sending much love to those who need it now, you are not alone. Ever… 💖

Much love, Tiffany ~
Metaphysical Life Coach

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6 thoughts on “Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Hi, thanks for that article, it is a great overview of what is happening on earth. These days I find amzing how things are shifting much more quickly then in the past, but I find it also much more tiring, because from one day to the other we are in a different vibration, this ascension I like to call it a 24hours 7 job. And I also find that it is easier to be on earth as the vibration raised so much… In the past I sometimes felt like to leave the earth because I felt I was not fitting but now not anymore. I feel I can expand my energy much more and be myself!
    Sending love ❤

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  2. Could you say some more about the visions of a series of faces passing by?

    I had this happen to me when I was a child back in the 80’s after coming out of surgery. Some of the faces were known to me (my parents, among others), but others I had never seen before. They spoke to me and I tried to respond to them, but they passed by so quickly I stopped trying to speak and just followed them. I remember it was vaguely scary, but I sort of accepted it at the same time.


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