By Contributing Writer- Julie Ann Lindeen


Image by Julie Ann Lindeen

I haven’t been myself. My energy is sluggish, stagnant and not representational of my soul or the essence of my being. It is my belief that any individual who is growing in spirituality experiences times of challenges and struggles that lead to greater clarity, understanding and wisdom.  When I find myself struggling, I immerse myself in the beautiful outdoors as I reside close to several state parks. I stand by the shores of the Illinois River on what was once considered sacred lands by many Native American tribes.  I love this land.  I am always barefoot as I ground myself, inhale essential oils, hold crystals, and meditate as I am eventually led to the root cause of the energy blockage.

The temperature is thirty-two degrees filled with rain and gray clouds and yet I sit on the wet soil looking for the answers that can only be found within. I just started laughing as I had a glimpse of myself when I first started learning about spirituality. An amazing man filled with love and compassion gently told me that what I was seeking was seeking me. “The answers are within Julie. Your truth will be revealed when you are ready….” At that moment in time, my Native American name would have been, “She who Stands with Fists Filled with Ego and Ready to Battle Herself.”

While I can smile now, I am also somewhat saddened. As I came out of my meditative state, I quickly knew what was wrong. I had somehow allowed myself to be completely submerged into the collective consciousness of anger, pain and fear.  Our political climate has become overwhelming and it has pitted family against family, friend against friend and power against humanity.  The ego is currently in control and it is smiling broad and big as it knows the destruction it is causing. We are divided and we do not even know what we are fighting.


Noam Chomsky stated, “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”

The general population is asleep but if you are reading these words, you either have or you are in the process of awakening. You have noticed the ugliness of Facebook feeds and you have also noticed the angry confrontational replies.  Individuals that I have know since kindergarten have truly surprised me with their hatred spewing all over the platform of social media. I, for whatever reason, absorbed this negative energy and I plugged in to the collective consciousness. I wasn’t living my truth and I wasn’t living my purpose. I needed to disengage.

My words are not political in nature for I do not believe in politics, political officials or government as I believe them to be oppressors or an extension of the ego.  I do, however, believe that we can fill the collective consciousness with a love so powerful and pervasive that every human being is forced to stop and look at their individual behaviors and beliefs. The Divine has not called you into this position because you are weak. You have been called because you are the strongest of strong and you recognize the ego but you will not respond to it.


Image by Julie Ann Lindeen

I know. I hear your question. “What should I be doing?”  The first and most important is to take care of yourself.  There is a saying that “you can’t get water if the well is dry.” In a similar manner, you cannot give to others if you yourself are battling the ego.  Disengage in the battle, stop watching television, unplug from negativity, surround yourself with like minded people, meditate, ground, focus on your diet, exercise….and ask the Divine for assistance.

Secondly, don’t call people out but instead, call them in. I don’t reply to political posts especially on Facebook. Period. End of sentence. Not really as my energy has been off and I succumbed slightly. I replied but my reply was not about the political climate. My reply was in regards to the climate of humanity. My goal was not to chastise one specific individual but to allow all individuals to look at their behavior. I didn’t want to call anyone out as that implies confrontation but I did want to call them in to the goodness that I know they possess. I wanted to touch their souls and illuminate their hearts with the light of their own being.


In less than twenty-four hours, the following words were posted:

“Some of the most incredible people I know voted for Donald Trump, and some of the most incredible people I know voted for Hillary Clinton. The people that I know that voted for Trump are not racist, misogynistic, or hateful, and the people that voted for Hillary Clinton are not hateful and intolerable. If you are someone who woke up this morning and are going to start seeing people as who they voted for, and not as the person you have always known them to be, than you are what is wrong with America.”

I will never think any less of a person who has different views than me, because some of the most beautiful, inspirational people I know will disagree with what I believe all day long, but at the end of the day they are still that beautiful inspirational person I have always known them as.  Don’t think less of people because some of their beliefs don’t align with yours, and don’t lose quality people in your life because you choose hate over love.”  Author Unknown

Shazam! We need to be the embodiment of love especially now. You were born to light up this world which is why you have been called upon to be a light worker. It’s time to start shining!  


Image by Soul Vision

Sending much love and light,

Love, Julie Ann Lindeen

2 thoughts on “Why We Need To Be The Embodiment Of Love by Contributing Writer Julie Ann Lindeen

  1. Hello My Sister..

    I am at work right now and cannot really get into replying to your touching post. I feel that the Earth is out of balance and thus we are. The inconsistent energy for me is incredible and at the same time enlightening. My view of politics has changed, I once believed that my vote counted and now i know that it DOES NOT.

    The ELECTORAL VOTING PROCESS takes away my viewpoint politically. I will continue to vote, because of the ancestors died for me to have this opportunity.

    Daily; I search the weather channels of the world for any indicator of balance. Right now; I believe we are in the begining of something that impact the planet and how we survive will be out of our hands.

    Peace and Love!

    On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 10:26 AM, The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles wrote:

    > Tiffany Stiles posted: “By Contributing Writer- Julie Ann Lindeen Image by > Julie Ann Lindeen I haven’t been myself. My energy is sluggish, stagnant > and not representational of my soul or the essence of my being. It is my > belief that any individual who is growing in spiritual” >

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