Dear Beautiful Souls,

We have solar wind blowing through today with polar geomagnetic storms.  You may have felt this energy come in last night and wake you out of restful sleep several times. I woke 7 times last night as bursts of energy came in.

This energy that is coming in is activating ALIGNMENT; alignment from within to meet your outside. I have had so many conversations with people as of late that are struggling through their individual ascension process because they are Out Of Alignment. We have had major upgrades to our systems which have increased our vibrational resonance like never before. What may have been in alignment for you in the past is no longer. This creates a duality shift within, a fight within so to say. Chaos ensues because confusion sets in as one tries to understand this misalignment from the inside to the outside. This translates as nothing feels right, nothing is going right, everything is happening the opposite of the way you want it to. It seems to be a day to day struggle just to get through the day. If this is you now, you are out of alignment with your Divine soul purpose and why you came here.

Since 2011 these power burst of gamma, star particle and photon energy have been shifting and shaking everything within to recalibrate and realign your vibrational frequency to a higher level of consciousness. Through this what is no longer a vibrational match to you falls away out of your reality. This includes relationships, where you live, your career, your family, your friends…..everything. The reason for this is, it was never in alignment in the first place, it was brought forth then to Experience and Grow from. As each holds on tighter to that which they don’t want to let go of out of fear, this duality fight ensues within as the ego fights to “hold on” and “keep” out of fear, and the misalignment magnifies in the body. What chaos ensues on the inside manifests on the outside as your thoughts, words and actions send out a vibrational frequency into the universe, it is matched and brought back to you in your reality. When you are not in alignment you will get back exactly what you don’t want to learn, grow and experience more until you are ready.

When you are in alignment you are heart centered and balanced. You are the divine essence of unconditional love. You have transcended the ego, and duality as these are of our human density that don’t exist on a soulful level outside of the human body. You are able to clearly hear your Angels and Spirit Guides giving you comfort and guidance on your path. And you fully heed this guidance and listen to your inner voice and intuitive guidance. You discern from a higher level of consciousness what feels right and what doesn’t feel right. Your intuition is your guide and nothing else interferes with this GPS system of the Soul. You see, and pay attention to all of the Divine Synchronicities that begin lining up for you. Synchronicities are little bread crumbs your Angels, Guides and Universal Divine Source/God Source leave for you to guide you on your journey here to help you remember the way.  This is how you know you are on the right path in Soulful Alignment. To get to a recalibrated state of soulful alignment you must transcend the ego and duality first. You must be willing to grow, evolve and learn from your higher state of consciousness that is detached from the ego.  Only from here are you able to gain the clarity needed to transcend the density of the experiences that want to hold on and bind you into 3D density. The more you hold on and refuse to let go, the more out of alignment you feel, the more chaos ensues in your life and reality. The lower your vibrational frequency goes, the more your energy feels depleted and you feel completely drained.

When you choose the opposite and make a conscious effort to fall into your proper soul alignment, this includes listening to your soul and where it is pulling you to live, go there! This includes listening to your soul on what it is pulling you to do revolving around your own unique and individual gifts on a metaphysical level in service of others, do it! This includes releasing and letting go of toxic people in your life- they are no longer in your alignment, let them go. This includes no longer engaging in drama or arguments that stem from duality and ego. It is no longer worth your energy. This means being conscious of your energy at all times and being able to deliberately bring your vibrational frequency back up after it decreases due to some effects from the learning, growing and evolving we are all still doing here.  This includes releasing the illusion of fear that has been programmed into your reality via the matrix. It is an illusion and not real. There is a difference between fear and listening to your intuition and being able to discern what feels right and what doesn’t. This doesn’t stem from fear, it stems from your higher self and soul guidance. 

I’ve had several people say to me lately they are seeing what I call “Shadow People”, these are the shadowy figures that you catch out of the corner of your eye, and when you look they are gone. These entities reside in a lower dimensional frequency. When you see these shadowy figures You Are Accessing Another Dimension. This specific dimension gives you the queue that your vibrational frequency is low, as shadow people feed off  of fear, anger, self loathing, drama, grief and all other lower vibrational emotions. They mean no harm, they simply feed off of your energy, in turn, further depleting your energy more. If you are seeing these entities a lot lately by simply acknowledging them, and saying I see you, but I do not give you permission to feed off of my energy. Instead I send you to the light to transcend your lower dimension and into a higher one for healing to occur. They will go and you will not have any more issues with these energy feeders. Most people have encountered these entities at one time or another, this is why I use this example. Now you know if you can access this dimension, you can also access the higher dimensions. The way you do this by increasing your vibrational frequency. If you want to access the dimensional realms of the Angels, Archangels, Spirt Guides and God Source/Universal Source, then you must have a clear heart that is of nothing but unconditional love. When you are in the vibrational frequency of unconditional love, you have transcended fear, and through this you have the capability to access all of the higher dimensional realms. How do you get there, you ask? You must fall into alignment with your Divine Soul Purpose. This means putting thought into action and doing. This means listening to your intuition and higher self when it says, this place doesn’t feel like home to me, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii or Europe, etc…then you go, fearlessly knowing that you will be taken care of and fully guided and supported on your path. When you walk in alignment with yourself, all outside of you also aligns and lines up in Divine right timing. Then the perfect career that encompasses your metaphysical gifts and abilities comes along for you with hard work on your part of learning, practicing, doing, using it. Then comes the time when you are confident enough to step fully into this in service to others.  When a relationship, friendship, parental  relationship, or any relationship begins to fall away, and is out of your alignment, you must let it go. Remember, this person is also here to learn, grow and evolve on their own path. When you let go, you allow this process to begin to unfold for them too. .

The learning never stops, as we all will continue to learn, grow and evolve further as souls as long as we are here in this physical human body. The soul continues to learn and grow too when it leaves the physical body. It is a constant and on-going process. As you begin to master your own vibrational frequency, you will be able to shift it at will to match any dimension you wish to see. Through this is where your past lifetimes come to your now for healing and integrating those fragmented parts of your soul. Many have Egyptian, Atlantean, Native American, Roman, etc…past lives that are surfacing now to heal and remember what your soul learned in that lifetime, the gifts and abilities you held in that you now carry and use in this lifetime after healing occurs. Many Atlanteans are afraid of swimming because many drowned in the great flood. Overcoming this fear and healing this part of this past life will bring you to the gifts and abilities that are held for you at your soul (akashic record) of that lifetime to this one, or any other that you access and heal too. All of our past lifetimes come with wisdom, gifts, abilities and knowledge to share and use here.

The ascension process is work, a lot of it! This is no easy walk in the park. A lot of healing must occur in order for your vibrational frequency to increase fully to transcend the density of 3D density, duality, fear, ego, the matrix, old programming and retraining your brain to flow with the Law of Attraction to manifest your highest good. You must be fully conscious of your energy at all times, what you are bringing to others, what you are holding within and what you are manifesting in your reality because of it. Mastering this and bringing this into your full alignment will allow you to manifest your highest good always.

When you stay in your heart centered and balanced state of unconditional love, you have transcended fear, the ego and duality with the density of 3D. Here you are happy, peaceful, and in full alignment with your Divine Soul Purpose. You are following your bliss, therefore you are always in a state of magical bliss! Allow this energy to move you into full alignment now with whatever is out of alignment in your life. Everything on the outside will align when you align on the inside first. Let all go that is no longer serving your highest purpose so that your alignment may begin today. When you feel fear creeping in, think love and fear goes away, as love always trumps fear and transcends it. As you master this, you will also master transmuting lower vibrational energies to higher ones, healing occurs through this. The key to beginning now is action, doing. Nothing will ever happen if you just sit still and wait. You  are the co-creator of your reality and your future. You must be willing to put in the time and effort to create the reality in which you wish to have. The energy is here to assist you through this now.

Sending much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey.

~Tiffany – The Mystical Lotus



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4 thoughts on “Energy Report Update ~ The Shift of Alignment by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Wow… that was so ratifying…very good to have the understanding and being affirmed! Thank you Tiffany you do a marvelous job of alleviating the fears!


  2. Dear Tiffany,
    I was looking for some info about the curent shifts and the LAw of attraction, and it seems like you were the first one i truly came across on the internet, who mentioned it.

    Tell me, what do you mean by writing: “retraining your brain to flow with the Law of Attraction to manifest your highest good.” ?

    I am so sure there are more people who would love to hear your opinion.
    Since about October, I got some visions, like the “old” pattern of using/manifesting… Law of attraction became unavailable. Something new came.

    Like, I always felt, I was a Master in LOA, I could really focus, and with all my love and intuition attract jobs, events, trips, people, experiences… Since I started to experience the Global Shifts/accession symptoms, I am not able to focus in the same way with LOA.
    And I am not the only one.

    I would love to hear more from you about what you wrote about our brain and LOA. What do you really mean by that, so what we could do better/differently, how to tune in more with our intentions/LOA?

    Thank you in advance for your reply,
    All my love, M


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