Dear Beautiful Souls,

Star particles, photons and gamma blowing through. These affect past lifetime karmic healing. These past lives surface in unusual ways for healing to occur as these play out in this lifetime in set patterns that keep playing out over and over until we “see.” The star particles are bringing on rashes and itchy skin. These can happen anywhere on the body. With the crown chakra opening wide through this to see more, and all connected to the divine cosmos and consciousness it may cause a rash on the scalp. Many women experience rashes on the stomach (solar plexus), or sacral chakra area as free will is realized and old, sexual wounds and trauma heal. Photons are blowing in and out causing bursts of energy and then a much needed nap, or early bed time. With all three blowing through, it can feel like gravity goes. It’s important if you feel this to either ground your energy with Earth, or visualize a strong grounding and connection to Earth’s healing electromagnetic field to bring grounding and balance back to your here and now.

Whatever past lives surface; either through meditation, dream state, or if you are triggered by a soul (akashic) remembering, or if a reader of the akashic gives you this information, it is important to heal and release any pain/trauma of this past life, and keep and carry the good you learned from it. You will notice this occuring when you are finding yourself in a repeating pattern, especially with relationships.

The energy coming through carries great power to Heal, Release, and gain great wisdom from past life healings. If you are unsure how to handle this, or heal a past life, seek out a past life regressionist to assist you through.

You may also feel a bit scattered with energy coming from many different sources. This brings on the feeling of wanting to either have alone time ,or spend it with someone who fully understands you, accepts you and unconditionally loves you.

Whatever you are feeling this evening, the energy coming off the Full Moon in Cancer Grand Cross is powerful healing energy to assist you further in clearing, and releasing so that you may more so fully step into your authentic soul purpose for being here this time around. The energy has a peaceful vibe to it, so this allows for easy meditation and relaxation to get one to a good state to take advantage of this powerful energy flow.

Share what you’re experiencing below. ๐Ÿ’–

Much love, ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿƒ
Tiffany ~ The Mystical Lotus
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3 thoughts on “Energy Report Update January 14th, 2017

  1. Oh my gosh Tiffany.. I have been having dreams back to back all night long….They are so weird and I am trying to interpret them because I know they hold messages but I dont know if I want to know them or not because my dreams were so weird :/


  2. Smiles, head shaking, nodding….yep….intense dreaming. Much of which doesn’t make sense. I am a Dreamer, working for quite a few years in and with the dreamtime, and have let go of trying to interpret my own at this time. Trusting that the velocity at which these are flowing they do not require my “head space” , just the space to flow and clear. Self cleaning so to speak Lol!!! The rash/hive thing, well it too is manifesting. Solar Plexis and Hara mainly. Again, a sign to rest, long soaks with baking soda . Epsom salt and a few drops of peppermint seems to do the trick. Also have been experiencing intense hot flashes (have had hormone levels checked and is verifiably NOT the cause. As the current clearing continues it is not unusual for the lower densities we hold on to even if we are done with them, to ” burn” off. Anointing the Chakra’s front and back with a cooling essential oil (again peppermint for me) is helping to take the edge off). Thanks to all for sharing during this time, as we all benefit from knowing we are travelling together down this road of positive consciousness change! Love, Light, Gratitude and Joy,


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