Full Moon In Cancer Grand Cross  January 12th, 2017

Dear Beautiful Souls!

You may have already begun to feel the pull of the great Grand Cross Full Moon in this watery sign of Cancer. With the Grand Cross we deal with polar opposites, opposition, duality, and a complete lack of understanding on a communication level. This equating to RELATIONSHIP CHAOS! Through this full moon phase, you will have more relationships fall away on a permanent basis that are no longer serving your higher purpose than in previous months/years. You will notice you will be feeling this way one minute and that way the next…complete opposites.

All emotions rise from the heart in an eruption of emotional chaos that has been felt within. This can be tied to past emotional trauma that is unresolved. This type of full moon configuration brings past to present. It brings exes back into the now for karmic healing. No, the ex suddenly contacting you out of nowhere with hearts in their eyes is not an invitation to revisit this relationship on a reuniting level. It is an invitation to heal it once and for all for Karmic Release! Isn’t there this “one” that keeps coming back around, again and again, and the same cycle tends to keep repeating itself? Why? You must ask yourself…What am I supposed to learn from this relationship? What does it keep showing up again and again to teach me about myself? The karmic pattern that keeps you tied to this person is what is needing healed within yourself first. The reason this attracted in the first place is because of what is within oneself that still needs healing from past, present and future of self.


Full Moons are always about releasing and letting go of what is no longer serving our highest purpose. With the Grand Cross configuration, it creates initially emotional confusion, and then crystal clear clarity as we approach the All Planets Direct 30 Day Phase. If you have been holding onto someone, or something that you should have let go of quite some time ago, now is your chance to use the power of this Grand Cross to do so. This, in the sign of Cancer, can make this time overly emotional and dramatic. A lot of Projection/Judgement going on through this energy. Understand that when you are projecting, you are allowing the thoughts of yourself to flow up and out for you to hear and see, to learn what needs to be changed. This has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with yourself. A lot of emotional chaos is bubbling to the surface now as we approach this full moon. Anger can arise from this too, with the root cause stemming from pain and feeling misunderstood. Allow it to rise, allow yourself to feel it. Allow yourself to see from your higher heart and higher self the lessons held within this relationship.


In pain there are valuable lessons to be learned. Within those lessons we evolve with compassion, and a deeper and more profound understanding of one another. With this comes the wisdom needed to make better choices, to listen to our intuition and inner guidance. This is not about blame, but understanding. This is not about who’s right or who’s wrong, but acceptance. This is the time to open your ears, close your mouth and really hear from the heart center (Ego Removed) what the other person has been saying all along ,and to come to an understanding from the higher heart center…. Accept, forgive, heal, release and let it go once and for all!  As we let go of what is no longer serving us, we open the door for the new to arrive, and that which will serve our highest purpose.


The reason for this now is 2017 is going to be the most pivotal year thus far for many that have been on the path of Ascension. No longer is it acceptable to keep insulting your soul with that which is no longer in alignment with you or your purpose. It is time now to get out of those ruts of comfortability and step into the unknown. Step outside of your comfort zone and into your bliss! Follow your heart and make your dreams a reality! The Time Is Now to Release The Fear Once and For All! Take your Control Back and Your Free Will. See your Value and Your Worth. You are Divinely supported now in this most auspicious time of profound change in your life, and as you move with this new energy flow of higher vibrational energy, everything lines up and begins to flow with you too.


This Full Moon in Cancer -Grand Cross is Right On Time with what is exactly needing to be done at this time to move you into an extremely positive, and uplifting phase in the next 30 days with All Planets Direct. This phase will not allow for outside distractions, or those who have tried to place blocks in your path in the past. This is setting the stage and momentum needed to carry you through 2017 on your true and correct path now! Many of you have stepped into Service to Others Fields right at the end of December 2016. This is all new, way outside of your comfort zone. Fear is holding many of you back from proceeding and moving forward after this initial Get Going energy kicked you into gear at the end of 2016! Self doubt and distractions popping up, emotional chaos bubbling to the surface, exes from the past showing up….This full moon grand cross is here now to help you clear all of this. Use this to your advantage. Mercury stationed Direct on the 8th and all planets begin to follow suit as the momentum picks up with this positive direct motion, you will begin to feel it too. Allow this positive energy and momentum to carry you away from all that which has held you back in the past. Now marks the first day of the rest of your life in a completely different view and perception. Even though there is a lot going on emotionally, there is great clarity that also comes with this energy.

You will notice a lot of timeline shifting occurring now as past, present and future converge. The past will pop up, how this is affecting your now, and how your now is affecting your future. This is to bring healing forward, even from past lives.

Someone said to me the other day, “I feel like my dark side is trying to reemerge again. What do I do?” I said, “Sit with it and see what it shows you. You must be willing to sit with the darkness if you are wanting to see the light.” Only through our dark shadow selves do we learn how to use the tools we are given to step into the light and assist others out of their darkness. If we are never willing to sit with our own darkness, we will never have the compassionate ability to see others with a deeper understanding and empathetic nature. We will never learn the lessons that through our pain, emerges in the shadow self. Here the higher heart connects to the higher self. Here is where perceptions change. Here is where compassion is born and empathy emerges. If you never sit with the darkness, you will never understand what it takes to connect with your higher heart and higher self, and thus consciousness on a higher vibrational level. There is nothing to fear here, only a chance to learn, grow and evolve.

Use this time now for introspection, to evolve to higher levels of awareness within yourself and within your here and now. You must be willing to let go of the past, if you want the new to emerge into your life now. The energy is here to assist you through this phase of emotional chaos, clearing the past and gaining clarity of emerging into this new positive energy flow of direct moving action and motion. There will be nothing holding you back now except yourself. See your bliss, follow your intuition, see from your higher heart connected to your higher self. Here clarity of what comes next is shown to you in 5D and higher.


Sending much love and light to you on your continued journey.

Lovingly, ~Tiffany

The Mystical Lotus 




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